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One evening, while I was watching Alice through the looking glass at the cinema, I became aware that, even though we were viewing the same film, each of us was perceiving the images in a different way. It was like if millions of hands came out of the screen to drive the subconscious of all the people sitting there to send them a message. Messages that doesn´t obey the story itself, instead, was like thousands of magic doors leading each one into their inner world transforming them. That day I decided to delve into the mysteries of filmmaking and the psychological power that could have on the public.

After that day, I decided to sign up for my first course of Image and Sound, where I learned about the process of creating and analysing films. As I was delivering the works, my enthusiasm was increasing, so I explored other cultures such as those offered by Federico Fellini, Krzysztof Kieślowski or Hideo Nakata, in which I began to discover references and symbolism. And the more I analysed, the more I was fascinated by the possibilities that this world offered, to the point of becoming my great passion.

Each day I was consuming more cinema, and major bellwethers such as Hitchcock, Kubrick, Tim Burton, James Wan, Ryan Murphy or Wes Craven inspired me to create my own cinematic universe because when analysing the films over the time, I observed the crisis of ideas that currently affects the world of cinema. By structuring this universe, I have been able to implement other of my passions such as music, writing, dancing, drawing or the essence of my photography (which approximates the oneiric). I started creating some projects such as several video clips, a few films and a three season’s series, all with a philosophical and psychological point of view.

In December 2016 I recorded my first video clip (the project that motivated me the most) and a short film with which we won the 2nd prize in the Cinema category at the Torrente Awards 2017. I’ve also worked at foreign productions, such as the one I starred in May 2019; a TV spot to make the trans collective visible, produced by Zissou and directed by Martina Hache. There, the production team let me taking part in the direction group for other TV spots. In each project I explored different parts of the film world, from a video clip produced, directed, choreographed and edited by me, to a short film with special effects in which we criticized the advancement of technology. I am a very focused person on what I want to do and most of the time I have clearly defined ideas, so I’m used to head all my projects.

Film is not my only passion, art have been present in my life since I have memory. When I was nine I started taking dancing classes (contemporary and hip hop), and I currently teach and I have my own group. I also consider myself a melomaniac, that’s the reason why I would love to direct some video clips.
In addition, I love to learn. Nowadays I’m studying philosophy and the different religions, but the best way of learning is travelling, so I decided to study in United Kingdom because it’s a country where cultures from all over the world live together and with a fascinating history. I’ve selected this college because of the alumni opinions, it positions in the rankings, the educational system and because of the companies you collaborate with. Without a doubt, it would be an honour to be accepted on this university.

There are so many things I can’t say due to the obvious lack of space. But for all these reasons, I would like to have the opportunity to study Cinema. I would like to demonstrate what I am able to do, expressing my passion on a screen and leaving the world astounded.

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I applied to Middlesex and Hertfordshire and both accepted me so... there you go


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