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I want to direct films. Directors have complete control over what is projected on the screen and, with this ability; they can hold the audience's attention. I want to be able to use my imagination to do just that. My imagination helps me visualise scripts, books, and even how a film could have been better.

I have had a passion to work in the media industry since I began studying media at my secondary school. On my current college course I've found that I have been most motivated when I have been working on the production stage of a project: as a camera operator or director, and this has given me the desire to continue studying in these areas at university.

In the last year I have been taking part in the Bafta Student Mentoring program outside of the college. This has given me valuable experience in working as part of a team within the media industry. It helped me to improve my communication skills and it gave me the belief that I have the potential to do this as a job in the future.

Within my college I have just started working as a Student Ambassador; helping one of my lecturers teach diploma student about the editing program Adobe Premiere. Taking responsibility for other people has boosted my confidence and has helped me increase the commitment I have to take my studies further.

Many aspects of my hobbies and interests are to do with media and the media industry. I especially enjoy watching films and television programs because it helps me gather ideas for different projects I may have in the future. I try to look at films critically: to see where some productions may have gone wrong and how they could have been improved.

My other hobbies include reading. My favourite authors are Dan Brown and JK Rowling; their books have assisted me in improving my creative mind and imagination. During my leisure time, I socialise with my mates at the park, pub, club, and cinema; and this improves my communication skills. Most of my time, not spent at home, is spent in Ireland with my Dad. Whilst over there, I have to frequently take care of my sister and am trusted with this responsibility.

The film genre that most appeals to me, and the type of film I would most like to make myself, is “horror” or “horror comedy”. The directors that have most influenced me are Rob Zombie (particularly “Halloween”, released in 2007, and “Halloween II,” released in 2009) and David Hackl (particularly “Saw V”, 2008). My most influential directors within the “horror comedy” genre are Keenen Ivory Wayans and David Zucker (particularly the “Scary Movie” film series).

I consider myself a focused, organised and determined person. It has been my ambition for a several years now to make a career for myself in the media industry; ideally working in film production. I believe that a place on your course would really assist me in achieving that goal by developing the skills that I have already acquired and adding to my experience and confidence. As well as benefiting, I also think I have a lot to contribute imaginatively and creatively as a student. For all these reasons, I hope you'll consider my application seriously.

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This personal statement was written by Robert1003 for application in 2010.

Film & Television Studies at Brunel University

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This is hopefully my last attempt


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lol jk

lol jk

your favourite films are the

your favourite films are the scary movie series (i could give you the first one but not the other 4) and also the Haloween remakes! And you say to look at films critically?!?!?!


fine apart form the mentioning of ROB ZOMBIE???? do you know who drected the first halloween? John CARPENTER!. mntion him instead.

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