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I discovered my interest in Film and Media when I fist had Media as a subject: that one lesson weekly made me feel I was studying something that has a direct impact on my life. It was somewhat like discovering little secrets of both the media industry and filmmaking, which most people in this media-orientated world do not even realise.

Lately I found that I watch TV shows and films and read newspapers and articles differently: I often start to unintentionally analyse them from different aspects. This is what I would like to learn how to properly do, and that motivates me to pursue the study of Film and Media at a higher level.

At the age of 16 I became especially interested in filming, so I applied to two Hungarian agencies that supply extras for commercials and films. I regularly appear in commercials and enjoy this kind of job, but not because of the performing part, I am more interested in observing how people work days for a twenty-second commercial, and this complex creative work is what I find amazing.

I also completed a summer course for children in 2008 at Media Akademia where I had the chance to learn a bit of every aspect of media and filming including journalism, news reading, scriptwriting, directing and performing as well. The best thing in this course was that I could meet people with similar interests, and this experience further convinced me that this is what I would like to study at university.

In the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme I managed to pick up some useful skills, such as essay writing, researching and critical and analytical thinking, which I would like to further improve. I am also used to working under pressure and meeting deadlines.

Although my school does not offer any Group 6 (Arts) subject within the framework of IB, I could choose Film for the subject of my Extended Essay, and I enjoyed researching on my own; the title of my essay was 'Artistic tools of manipulation in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will'.

Since I started high school I take part in Karinthy Model United Nations (KarMUN) conference every year. In the first three years I participated as a delegate and found the conferences impressive. The international atmosphere and cultural diversity provides a great chance to get to know interesting people while debating serious issues of the world; and it is a very special experience. Last year I joined the student officers; I was the Co-Chair of the Environmental Committee.

Being a Chair requires a lot of confidence, creativity and good communication skills, and I feel I could cope well. I also took an active part in other related activities, such as promotion and fundraising. What I liked the most was that as an organiser I had to work as a member of the team, and as a Chair I had a leading role in my Committee at the same time.

This year besides being the President of the Human Rights Council I am also in charge of training the less experienced Chairs. Projects like KarMUN are especially motivating, because I can do something that benefits others who value my work.

Since my early childhood I've been doing sports, like gymnastics, basketball, swimming and Taekwondo. Competing to be the best is what generally motivates me the most. I consider myself a challenger; I enjoy trying myself out in new situations. That is the main reason why I moved to London for two months during the summer of 2009.

I rented a room, found a job and got all the papers needed on my own. I worked as a translator for a Hungarian hairdresser at Sassoon's and as bar staff in a small cafe at Notting Hill Gate.

This experience further strengthened my desire to live and study in the fascinating city of London. I am ambitious, creative, sociable and prepared to work hard for success. Studying Film and Media in London is my biggest dream, and I never give up on my dreams. My ultimate goal is to turn my passion for Film and Media into a career.

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