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Have you ever felt an invisible hand envelop you? It can kill you in the blink of an eye; it can slowly erode your consciousness; it is an invisible force that attacks every millisecond. We give this invisible and powerful hand a name, “Media”.

Film is a form of media as well as a medium of sending a message to society. In film studies, I am passionate about the creation of films and I am interested in every shot because every piece is equally important in making a film.

During the recent break, I have interned as an editorial assistant for Shanghai Education TV Station, during which I gained invaluable first-hand experience of the television production process.

This internship taught me the importance of teamwork on media production, as we relied on each other and depended on team spirit to move projects along. It also gave me the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge I learned in class into the process of television production. For example, using iMovie to edit for my film studies class provided me with the basic knowledge of film editing.

Undertaking new challenges also gave me so many different experiences. I am trying to produce a prospectus for a company that producing varieties of aluminum products.

Before I started making it, I had to understand the technical terminology and scientific principles. Luckily, I worked with a professional technical staff member, and he helped and supported me a lot. Now I am learning to use Photoshop in order to make a better prospectus.

My studies for the International Baccalaureate have also provided me wide range of knowledge of film.

For example, my Extended Essay (EE) is based on an in-depth exploration of the filmmaking of the Chinese ‘fifth generation’. It gave me a chance to learn more about the centennial development of Chinese film.

While I was writing my extended essay, I wrote another article about my opinion in some particular films and related this to the development of China’s recent film market called ‘China’s cinematic growing pains.’

This article addressed the reasons why the Chinese film industry is stepping into a bottleneck period and was published by China Pictorial Magazine in May 2012. The delight of having my first article published encouraged me to learn more about Media and Film studies.

Film is not only a subject but also a very precious part of my life. I like watching movies in my leisure time and enjoy analyzing and digging into the filmmaker’s hidden psychological and social aims. For instance, ‘The Truman Show,’ which reflects the falseness of reality television.

And what can one take away from it? Is it about the mercenary nature of media? Or is it the satisfaction of peeping at other people’s lives? So in this case, film as part of media asked a question to its viewers: what is the moral responsibility of media?

At university, I look forward to developing expertise and learning more about Media studies.

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