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I was musical since childhood but honestly, music was not something quite satisfactory for me.
Every time I played another piece I was asking myself 'Is it what I want?'. I felt myself
following rules made by others, and when I heard about sound design, it seemed as a freedom to
create my own soundscapes. At the age of 7, I enrolled in a musical school, passing the
audition with my own synthesiser composition. Lately, my first acquaintance with computer
music instantly inspired me to start my experiments in digital music production. Subsequently,
it gave me the opportunity to establish an electronic music project that has required a lot of
new skills such as composition and sound shaping. With my music project I have released
several albums so far.

Through producing electronic music in a technically uneasy genre, I learnt many synthesis and
sound manipulation techniques, mixing, and partially audiovisual programming. Practice in
modular environments such as 'NI Reaktor' and 'Synthmaker' led me to understanding of
synthesisers and effects construction and their working principles. Exercises taken for the
last year in field recording using different types of microphones and sound sources have been
also beneficial.
Aside of practice, books such 'Creating Sound and Music for Games' by Childs, 'Emotions and
Its Role in Music and Art' by Caspar David Friedrich and 'Electronic and Experimental Music'
by Holmes also played a significant role in the process of self-studying. They gave me general
knowledge about history of innovational developments and about emotion expression through

In my country formal audio design education does not exist, however, usually this is sound
engineer's work to do any sound for media. Thus, it is highly important for me to get proper
education and to be the best representative of this craft in my homeland.
The UK is well-known for the high-quality education and a place, from where all innovative
ideas had been coming. It is setting up the highest bar in media industry for the rest of the
world. This fact proves that it is the best place to get an education in the field of sound

Having been taught English language from an early age in school, I feel comfortable in
communication, fluently expressing my ideas, and studying will not be difficult for me.

This course will help me to understand how sound can affect people and their mood in the
context of a film genre, how to create any imagined sound. I want to know sound language and
how it can be clearly implemented for a desired effect. Also, I am interested in sound art.
Given course will give me opportunity to reveal myself.
I am convinced that I will fit this course perfectly considering my current knowledge and
personal characteristics.

I am applying to this course because I realise all the necessity and importance of education
in this field, degree and its recognition in the industry. After my degree, I wish to work in
the field of sound design, widely applying my proficiency for media industry and art.
In conclusion, my strong wish to apply along with some skills I have achieved so far, needs to be enriched by a priceless higher education in return of my results and fresh

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This personal statement was written by Archon for application in 2011.

Archon's Comments

Submitting this statement I thought it might be helpful for those applying for sound courses, considering that there is few of them here.
The statement has been polishing for a long time, edited many times as i was really want it perfect, though it still may contain some mistakes. But a very nice structure as it was written following UCAS help, as well as other schemes + some help from academic editors.
Dont try to copy it whatsoever! It is aimed to give you a spatial and structure clue only.
Good luck!


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