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There are a great deal of media and communication courses available, but a degree in public relations is something I could thrive on. I believe my established communication skills and enthusiasm for dealing with other people would provide a solid foundation for which to further develop those skills incorporated into this course. I relish the idea of a career working with the public, based on critical thinking and strategic planning, thus justifying my application for this course. My interest in current affairs has stemmed from the A Level politics course I am studying, which engrossed my from day one. Critical analysis and presentation of information plays an integral part of this subject, and consequently these skills I have gained from this would prove to be a valuable stepping stone into public relations.

My interest in media and communications was fueled by a previous passion to study journalism. Work experience in a local newspaper office and at a German regional newspaper office provoked a desire to learn more about where our information was coming from and who wrote the press releases that we based our front page articles on. Consequently, I carried out additional work experience in a PR consultancy, whilst on a German exchange, and I am currently waiting from several consultancies in my area that I recently applied to.

Since year 10, I have been an active member of my schools web team and have had various articles published relating to subject departments and school trips I have been on, such as the history-based trip to Eastern Europe. My spare time involves reading books from contemporary authors (John Simpson, Michael Moore etc) as well as more 'classic' books, such as Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird and Animal Farm. I enjoy many aspects of music. I have recently started to teach myself to play the flute and I regularly attend various music concerts.

At the weekend, I work for HMV (who I have enquired to about a summer placement at their in-house PR office), which I thoroughly enjoy due to the creative environment and strong emphasis on customer service. I have had part time jobs for the last three years, thus allowing me to not only manage my time efficiently, but to develop various skills in communication with the public and my ability to work in a team.

Evidently, my studies and interests to skills like teamwork, communication and multi-tasking that I would develop in a public relations degree, hopefully giving merit to my application for this course.

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This personal statement was written by laurawilliams19 for application in 2004.

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took hours to write this as i edited it a lot but it was worth it. got offeres from all unis i applied to!


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You have some good ideas, but

You have some good ideas, but I think quite a bit of work is needed to get the personal statement up to scratch.
The statement lacks structure, you need to think about what you want to get across in each paragraph. Check out studential's ps writing section- plenty of tips can be found there.
Some of the words used are inappropriate. For example, in the third line, the word "established" could be changed to "developing".
A good way to make your personal statement stand out is to mention a real-life example of how an event/person has been marketed/portrayed and your comments on the process.

I only realised that you had

I only realised that you had already applied to university after having offered a comment. As I said, I think it was good, but it could have been improved. Congratulations on your offers.

can I have answer four

can I have answer four statement plz?

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