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The media's the most powerful entity on earth. An interesting quote from Malcolm X, who also claimed, Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world. I wish to combine these two passions and follow my ambition to become a journalist by continuing my studies into Higher Education. It is well known that power attracts and I, like many others, have become enchanted by the power of the written and spoken word. This fascination has created a deep interest in writing, and Journalism provides the perfect outlet to develop my skills.

Ive heard enough about the media industry to realise that experience is everything, and as Sixth Form Reporter on the College committee, I gain regular experience of journalistic writing and meeting deadlines. I have written for the official college Network, which is sent home to parents, and the Student Newspaper.

When selecting my A Level subjects, I seemed drawn to essay based courses. I enjoy writing and the courses undoubtedly helped my writing skills. However, I was required to make the opening of a film in Media, which was an experience to say the least! It increased my interest in Broadcast Journalism. Until that moment, I only had eyes for Print. Creative writing has always been one of my favourite aspects of English, and the coursework gave me the chance to write in whichever style I chose, one piece was a newspaper feature on Chelsea Football Club. I have always been interested in Sports Writing and I'm considering specialising in it at a later date.

I have chosen to continue four of my five AS Levels onto A2, even though it was not necessary. I have always found Psychology quite challenging as it involves deep levels of critical analysis, so I decided to carry on as I find it extremely intriguing. The different theories as to why humans do the things they do, attract me because I am interested in how people act, though one could hardly call me an anthropologist! My main priorities are English, Media and Sociology as I feel they will aid me most in my ambition, although I still find Psychology a fascinating subject.

I have often said that nothing is impossible, yet asking me to name my favourite book is asking too much. Some much-loved literature includes The Hobbit, Gone With The Wind, and Jane Eyre. In my opinion a good novel should evoke a variety of emotions from beginning to end. Music may not be my first love, but it is definitely one of my passions; I have high passes in grade 3 flute, singing, and grade 5 piano. Like my literary tastes, my choice of music is eclectic; I like anything from hip-hop to classical, soul to rock, and past to present.

I also love Black history, musicals, and icons of film and music, such as Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, and Sinatra. Lennon once said, We all want to change the world, I empathise with this view and seek to achieve it using my chosen profession and the power of the media.

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I found this interesting, a

I found this interesting, a little disjointed. And full of opinion. They wouldn't want that much opinion, it's slightly too colloquial and chatty.

I prefer the other one.

Just a note:-

Just a note:-

The author of this personal statement was awarded offers from all 6 Universities they applied to and is reading Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth - obviously it was good enough for those Universities.


hey, they got into university didn't they?

probably on grades though as

probably on grades though as opose to the statement

i thought this is a brilliant

i thought this is a brilliant p.s. & the fact that he got 6 out of 6 offers, the universities obviously liked it too.

ironically i have done the exact same A levels as this person, this personal statement will be incredibly valuable for inspiration when writing my own.


what did the person get for his AS grades?

oh and also A2, his final A

oh and also A2, his final A-level grades, where you one of the early ones to apply?


Advise i have read on writing persomal statments says you shouldn't use famous quotes, and this person did in their first sentance!

I found the other statement

I found the other statement to busy and it was just as chatty as this one. They have not really been of much help to me, but it was nice to have had a glimpse of the personalities of other's who share the same career aims as me, as most of my friends either want to be doctors, lawyers or textile designers. They weren't too bad I would say!

az uk

we found this very enlightnening the malcolm x quote was wicked.

love az uk

I suppose the thing that the

I suppose the thing that the other reviewers find puts them off might be that because this ps is full of opinions, other people's quotes and is very personal, it sounds a bit like a dreamer wrote it, and this makes it seem a bit unprofessional. But since a ps is the only route to express yourself, I think it works because I found I quite liked the friendly, confident attitude behind the words, and found this very helpful.

Lacks Creativity

First of all, well done with your PS! It has taken me 3 days to finally sit in front of the computer and actually start writing mine, but that's because I'm too perfectionist! ANYWAY, your ps is too obvious! The structure is too basic and you should have chosen a different style as you are applying for journalism! What i mean is that you have to stand out, make your life sound interesting and not only list facts events and quotes :)! But hey, come on, the ps is pretty good :)! Good luck dude :)

lacks creativity

are we journalists or creative writers?

I wouldn't criticise the

I wouldn't criticise the Personal Statements too much, seeing as you actually came to this site because you are inexperienced and need help to write your own. Just be aware that the makers of this website only publish successful personal statements.

re last comment

couldnt of said it better myself

"probably on grades though as

"probably on grades though as opose to the statement" -
If you read any personal statement advice, you will clearly see that grades, although being a good indicator of a hard worker, only form part of the opinion when being chosen for a place. If it was based on high grades, then there would be no need for a statement. But I can bet that if the personal statement was that bad, whatever grades they got would not have guaranteed them a place in the university.


You having a laugh mate, you having a laugh?

You having a laugh mate? You

You having a laugh mate? You having a laugh!



Well obviously you and your

Well obviously you and your 'mates' are cpmlete idiots, what if the expirement went wrong and you got rejected huh?

Your trying to act clever, although you sound like a complete idiot.


too many quotes, no one cares

its good

everyone needS to calm down , ur probably jus hating cos he got accepted.
the guy done well and seems very intelligent which is probably why he got accepted his personal statement shows he is dedicated and has a passion for media.So i dno y some of u people are sayin bad things.

the malcolm x quote was

the malcolm x quote was terrible, and how did they apply for 6 uni's?

Wow, there's alot of 'haters'

Wow, there's alot of 'haters' on this personal statement.
I think it's extreamly well written, and although it goes against alot of personal statement writing tips, it's brilliant, in my opinion and obviously others seen as this person got offers from all the universities they applied for.
Why would anyone want to read through the same stereotypical personal statements over and over again, this provides an entertaining read and is informative about the person.
i like it.

LOL, i just typed in 'media

LOL, i just typed in 'media quotes' into google and tht malcolm X quote you've used on your 1st line was the 1st result that popped up! Didn't research hard for that :P

No thankyou.

I thought this was delightfully erotic. Reading it, I come over all giddy and weak at the knees as if he's trying to lure me into bed. I bet he has a long nose, spazzy hair, and a lisp.

wow! u people are so creul

wow! u people are so creul and it seems awfully jelous of this persons success. i totally agree that had u had the intellect to devise ur own personal statements without any help then u wouldnt be looking through google for inspiration. so dont hate, appreciate. and plz stop being a bunch of sour grapes. also i dont no how u can come up with a 'erotic' twist to this. alongside jelousy it seems you people are freaky and wierd!

This statement is very

This statement is very contradictory; its pretty much half good and half bad!
You do a good job of talking about the work you've done in relation to journalism, yet you show no real committment or enthusiasm to it as you talk to generally and equally about your other passions, almost as though you'd be just as happy to do study music or literature.
- Just my opinion, good on you for recieving six offers! :)

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