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My favorite author Haruki Murakami once penned 'nothing so consumes a person as meaningless exertion' and, to me, pursuing a higher education and future career in media is the one thing that has never seemed meaningless to me. Communication is something infinitely important because it lets us build a bridge with others so that we may relate to and understand people around us and, through them, the situation that surrounds them which is why media is so important. Media provides power to the people and, in today's day of uncertainty, a good journalist helps to provide clarity in the midst of chaos which is what I aim to do.

The reason I have chosen multimedia journalism as my course is simple; there is a certain power attributed to the written and spoken word that allows us to give more and raise awareness and, aside from just pursuing what I love, I want to be able to make people care about issues still prevalent in today's society.

While selecting my A level subjects, I knew from the beginning that my current studies were ones that would contribute towards my final decision as to what I would want to pursue in the future which is why I chose subjects such as English Literature and Creative Media. These subjects have helped me gain an understanding of the literary and verse myself well with the ways in which the media industry works and, even now, my love for journalism only grows.

When I was chosen to work with the GESF (Global Education Skills Forum) as a student journalist and given a chance to interact with important figures such as Irina Bokova- who is the General-Director of UNESCO- and Bill Clinton, ex-President of the USA, I came to realize that this was the sort of situation in which I would strive in and this belief was further cemented when I was later identified as gifted and talented in public speaking by my school. Currently I am the Editor-in-chief of a newly founded school magazine titled 'The Cambridge Eye' that aims to reinstate Art culture in Dubai. I find working with this project has helped me better understand working with others in a professional environment and network while keeping deadlines in mind. Outside of school I help animal welfare institutions and participate in dog walking to help abandoned dogs at K-9 Friends while actively participating in sports such as basketball, tennis and swimming as this helps me keep my mind and body sharp.

We are all provided with choices as to what we want to pursue in life and, as Robert Frost, in his most iconic poem 'The Road Not Taken' mentioned how having had picked the road less travelled by made all the difference to him and pursuing journalism is my version of that road which will make all the difference to me.

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Honestly my personal statement was probably the deciding factor in my university's giving me offers and I'm still so amazed to get my responses


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