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Through the years media has become one of the most powerful entities in the world. This, combined with its social element and dynamic, ever-changing nature is what mostly has inspired me to choose this field of study for my higher education.

Having devoted much of my adolescence to learning English, I now feel great enthusiasm when working with it, be it in a formal or casual setting. This is partially why I believe that studying in the UK is the perfect place for me to continue developing key language and social skills. There I have provided the grounds for a prospective career as well as a vigorous lifestyle.

My interest in journalism obviously was not always present, but what got me into it was an initiative by my school where I was asked to write a short article on a relevant subject. I did not feel too self-assured at the time, but it was well received and my confidence in language and creative writing started snowballing.

Ever since then, I have regularly posted articles in the school website as well as the local newspaper, which was a valuable experience altogether.

I have also held numerous presentations in front of crowds and am no stranger to working in teams due to my experience in debating. It is to my belief that I can adapt to new topics of discussion with ease as I have been competing in a number of debate-related events on a nation-wide scale for almost 3 years now.

These events have featured various relevant topics and have put to test many of my oratory skills. It was debating that introduced me to a new setting I hadn’t been familiar with before, namely being part of a structured argument.

What I gained as a result were skills such as: the importance of critical thinking; the ability to create a well- structured speech; the way in which one can properly construct an argumentation; how to research a certain topic in a limited amount of time and several more. Understanding and developing these strengths has led me to become more vocal and substantially more confident in myself.

Subsequently I became more engaged in extracurricular activities, for instance, currently I am in the process of co- founding a local debates club.

Such undertaking includes a vast amount of municipal work: discussions with the mayor of my hometown and fellow peers, whose interest me and my acquaintances need to capture trough promoting. There is still work underway but I believe it is off to a good start.

I have many various hobbies, some of which include filmmaking, which has been one of my passions for a long time now, and it has helped me develop a keen eye for detail. This very interest of mine has showed me that most captivating stories are in the most unexpected places. Another hobby of mine is skiing. Going to the mountain side, for me, is always welcome.

I hope that this personal statement supports my application and demonstrates that I am enthusiastic and look forward to contributing to university life.

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To be completely honest, I broke rule one. I didn't take my time with what I had to write. Frankly though, three days of work paid off quite well. I look forward to receiving feedback.


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