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Sky correspondent Alex Crawford once said "Reporters have different DNA, they are programmed to be curious: to go where no one else will go, to ask the questions no one else will ask, to give a voice to those no one will listen to." For me this epitomises why I want to study journalism. I am curious and I cannot help but run towards disasters. I enjoy digging for information .I love talking to people. I can make a complete stranger tell me their story.

Having spent much of my childhood in press boxes, watching my mother work, I understand that journalism is about finding and understanding stories, and then communicating them simply and accurately across multiple platforms. For me the decision to study Journalism at university was easy. I want to learn how to be a good journalist and I want to leave university fully equipped for a career in Journalism. I want to broaden my understanding of the role that the media plays in society. I want to explore why freedom of press is so important in a free and democratic society. Media ethics and law are also a huge interest to me, especially whilst following the ongoing Leveson enquiry. I'd love to learn more about the way that the media is governed and regulated.

Over the past year I have undertaken a wide range of work experience placements in print, radio, broadcast, online and in PR. I present a weekly live show at Bridgend Hospital Radio using industry-standard technology. I spent time at The Glamorgan Gem covering an agricultural show and having my photographs published. Earlier this year I started writing features for the international organisation Bike Pure, focusing on ethics in cycling.

I have supported the PR department at Welsh Cycling using social media and producing online content. I have also been the official race reporter for The Junior Tour of Wales. I recently joined the team at Talk Sport Radio managing the phone-ins for a live show, gaining insight into how radio works. I am due to shadow a Nigel Botherway of The Sunday Times throughout 2017. Through all of these opportunities I have made contacts, gained valuable skills and insight in relation to the media.

Journalists need to be able to report on a wide range of topics, from world politics to sport. My A Level subjects, English Lit/Lang, RE and PE, testify to my ability to approach different topics with enthusiasm. We are living in a time where religious issues dominate the news. Sport is one of the largest areas of journalism. And the ability to sense the untold story, to infer hidden meaning and to adapt the mode of address, is paramount.

Outside my journalistic and academic endeavours, my main passion is cycling. In this field, I have had the opportunity to compete in the sport. Training for cycling has taught me a lot about perseverance and dedication. Competing has taught me how to be a good team player and also how to step up and be a good leader when required. Cycling is a huge part of my life. I compete in it, coach for it, write about it. I also have a performing arts background which has given me confidence and communication skills. My love of adventure has taken me all around the world.

When I was younger I fed this thirst for adventure by joining Girl Guides which gave me the opportunity sit on the Development at the Girl Guide HQ a few times. It was this combination that ignited my interest of politics and social issues around the world. I think that it is all of these experiences, interests and traits that will make me a great journalist because journalism is not just about chasing the 'big headline.' It is about finding and exposing the truth that may be hidden. It is about giving a story a voice. It is the big picture.

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I got the following offers:

University of Portsmouth- UNCONDITIONAL OFFER

Coventry University- UNCONDITIONAL OFFER

Liverpool John Moores- 112 UCAS points (BBC)

Derby University- 112 UCAS points (BBC) or UNCONDITIONAL (if picked as 1st choice)

University of Sheffield- ABB

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