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The media's writing style today is owed to the 'New Journalists' of the 1960's and 1970's who transformed the approach towards Journalism. I am making this application as I am fascinated by the vast scope which is covered by the subject and how in today's society the media plays a major role in every subject imaginable and affects everybody's life in some way. After completing this course I hope to enter into Print or Broadcast Journalism and eventually I would like to have the prospect of working in both of these forms of media. I have a particular interest in magazines and Foreign Affairs and I am inspired by the work of John Simpson, who has maintained his position of World Affairs Editor at BBC News for over twenty years.

For my A-levels I chose to study English Literature, Theatre Studies and French, because these courses have allowed me to develop both my written skills and structuring the writing style that is so varied for each subject. In English Literature we studied the era in which 'New Journalism' was introducing itself into society by such Journalists as Tom Wolfe and Gay Talese. Their 'unconventional' works were published in magazines rather than newspapers, due to the response from the editors who favoured the more 'traditional' journalists of the time. Theatre Studies has required me to devise and interpret plays which has enhanced my confidence, improvisation and time management skills, as well as building on theory and historical context. When studying French we take a view on current affairs from around the world today. We learn how to debate and compose various pieces of written work documenting both our own opinions and taking a neutral view. French A-level has also strengthened my skills to successfully learn a language with its grammar, vocabulary and culture.

I have recently been on a five day work placement with my local paper. It was a great experience where I gained the insight into the daily life of a journalist and I was able to write articles which required piecing together through photojournalism and interviews in order to produce the finished article. It also provided me with the practice to prepare me for both University and my future career. I have written articles for my school newspaper and hope to write more in the future. Throughout my life I have developed a particular interest in acting and the surrounding effects upon society that it creates. In 2008, I received a part as an extra in a period film directed by Julian Fellowes, recently previewed at The London Film Festival. I found it to be a good example of the amount of work put into successful media which is unknown by the public. It also showed me how intense the competition is within the film and media industries.

I am an Assistant Leader at Dorchester Youth Theatre and I have the privilege of working with teenagers only a few years younger than myself who share my passion for performance and have had responsibilities, such as co-directing various productions, whilst undertaking the role of Stage Manager. These responsibilities are reflected in my work life as I have worked in a camping shop for 18 months; my time at the shop has allowed me to develop both my social and interpersonal skills alongside my organisation skills. These skills have been beneficial when taking part in expeditions as part of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I am taking a gap year commencing August 2010, in which I will go and work as an Au Pair for a family living in Italy; I will look after the child as required and teach him English. I am sure that this will help me to learn a new language and experience its culture, whilst experiencing independent life submerged in foreign culture.

I look forward to my University life and my future within Journalism and where it will take me. I believe that I am well suited to the demands of a Journalism degree because I have a genuine interest and the motivation to work hard and succeed.

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