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It’s 2016; letters, newspapers and five television channels are a distant memory, overshadowed by a multi-media world dominated by fingertip technology. Society has welcomed this digital world with open arms and we have embraced it into our daily lives: cameras film our every move, projecting our wildest fantasies alongside our darkest truths to the global community. Since 2007, the number of people on social media has risen by 50% (OFCOM, 2016) and consequently e-media and social media has claimed its throne in the pixelated kingdom that we call home.

My passion for media emerged during my Media Studies GCSE and has deepened throughout my A level. The post-production stage of creating a media text is of particular interest to me. Whilst enjoying and acknowledging the importance of the filming stage, in my opinion it is the editing that is the key creative process, providing the filmmaker with a tool to convey emotion to the world. Studying Media Studies at university will give me the opportunity to learn further techniques in this side of media production and enhance my skills.

Media Studies has given me the opportunity to create a range of texts and projects including a school magazine, a website and a YouTube video promoting a local band. My current assignment is a documentary on music audiences in a postmodern society. These opportunities have allowed me to experience a range of multi-media techniques whilst nurturing my fascination for filming and post-production processes further. Additionally, I am studying A Level English Language and Literature along with BTEC IT; both of which will be beneficial in a career in the media industry. My A level in Geography gives me an academic perspective on our changing world in terms of demographics and environmental changes, which are important to understand in a postmodern society where media is becoming a determining force.

Over the summer I worked with an independent photographer; gaining invaluable first-hand experience of this aspect of the media industry. This experience taught me the importance of preparation and teamwork within media production. Additionally, I did a work placement at a logistics company where I assisted in various departments. While there, I had the opportunity to communicate and deal with customers, allowing me to gain client-facing experience. This gave me the confidence to be more creative and outgoing in challenging situations, a skill that is essential for a career in media.

I have made a positive impact on my sixth form, where I am the Chair of the Charity Committee and a vital part of the Prom Committee. Leading and working as part of a team in both groups has taught me valuable skills in terms of collaborative working with my peers as well as with the college’s senior leadership team. My skillsets have significantly improved through organising events such Children in Need, raising over £1,000, and the upcoming end of year celebration for my year group.

Film is not only an aspect of media but also a crucial part of my life. My outside interests are films and television; especially when linking them to books. I get satisfaction from reading and absorbing a story before watching and critiquing the cinematic adaptation, such as The Maze Runner and You Before Me. For the past 7 years, I have regularly attended guitar lessons; music has played a large role in my life with every note and lyric conveying emotion, inspiring me to express myself in an artistic way. I enjoy attending live music gigs, which have inspired some of my own media productions.

I am confident that media will play a large part in my life and I look forward to broadening my knowledge and skills by studying Media Studies at university. It will give me the opportunity to learn new techniques in all aspects of media production as well as giving me the chance to experience new theories and debates. All of this will help in achieving my aspirations to work within the media industry.

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Underwent quite a lot of editing but if four uni's gave me offers with AS grades of BCD then it couldn't have been that bad!


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