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Who will pay for the brutal effects of cultural and political hegemony that caused our society to stop being critical about the content we consume? Is it really the freedom of speech, in which anonymous Wikipedia editors control and reverse articles on behalf of special corporative interests?

How is it possible that the celebrity phenomena still remains present whilst mainstream media is being taken over by a gray cloud of mediocrity? Am I losing my eyesight or is it just media driving my attention away from the crack in the mirror and showing me the "real me" through a Snapchat filter? Is it too late to inflict changes within our prosumer society? I genuinely think it is not and I'm willing to fully commit myself to studying these mechanisms of media and communications in the name of a better tomorrow.

My deep interest in media developed while I was growing up in a Russian family in Post-Soviet Estonia - a country that takes a strong Western position in all political, ideological or cultural debates. What I have found thrilling was how the infosphere, consisting of all the news, stories, even facts, changed drastically as I left home every morning. I found myself in the very hotspot of informational proxy-war between the two antagonistic media superpowers - the East and the West.

As I sharpened my critical eyesight and learned how to observe the situation rationally, the brutal impact of false information bursting from both sides and the critical deficiency of truth within the media began to infuriate me. I find it frightening, yet fascinating at the same time and I can't wait to find out how this apparatus works in order to change its vectors towards a positive change.

I had a chance to experience the media sphere through a variety of different perspectives, which have helped me to develop a unique set of skills and a critical outlook on the industry. Coming from a professional acting background I have been constantly taught hard work, strong discipline and professional work ethics since an early age.

As I grew, my interests shifted between various disciplines and I was lucky to work in such spheres like audiovisual media, print media, graphic design, cultural entrepreneurship, social activism and debating. For a full commitment to extracurricular work requires a lot of time, I have developed great time-management skills and always maintained a competitive position as a student.

Currently, I am finishing my three-year long course in a faculty of cinema within the humanitarian program of a catholic high school. Alongside with a strong research on film theory and history, I have been expanding my creative writing and directing skills through an intense hands-on practice.

Within a general study program, I undertook many courses such as Media and Manipulation, Practical Media, Logics, Ethics, Moral Philosophy and History of Art. All of these have inspired me to do additional research on the subjects of media, culture, and anthropology, and I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge in these fields at a university.

Reading and research have always been of great importance to me. Thinkers such as Marx, McLuhan, Bourdieu and Barbrook have inspired me to reshape my aspirations and to consider combining my career with academic practice. For me, philosophy is about vision and action where both parts cannot exist independently without the intrinsic synergy between them.

I want to become a man of vision and action, therefore, by extending my knowledge at a university I will get one step closer towards inflicting a change within our society.

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