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Before my fascination for the media world developed I like everyone else was subconsciously a part of it. The news that was on TV, the magazines that I read and the commercials that urged me to buy the products I bought.

The media and the world it creates around us are always there whether we are aware of it or not. Then becoming a media student was like learning the tricks of the trade, being let in on all these secrets and I loved knowing why the media did things and how they accomplished them.

By studying media at a degree level I feel I will be able to enhance my interest for the subject as well as expand my current knowledge and be able to gain new skills that will enable me to both advance and flourish within this area as well as taking great pleasure in doing so.

I have been involved in different aspects of media (especially advertising) for a few years. I have studied Media at both GCSE and A Level. When on these courses I worked on producing a variety of media projects including creating and airing a community radio station, producing and starring in an episode of a soap opera and comic book production.

Whilst at 6th form I have worked on publicity shots for a variety of projects such as prospectuses and open evenings. I am also the design editor of the school paper a feat of which I am very proud. As well as participating in media related tasks on an educational level, I have taken my interest out side of just academic projects.

For the government run scheme Connexions I worked on a PR campaign which involved me participating in many media based tasks such as designing a print based advert which was distributed throughout all the senior schools and colleges in the Birmingham and Solihull areas. I also created a website for a local youth club called the Den a council run scheme.

I'd like to think I have a positive impact on my school and 6th form where I am head girl. I was previously a prefect and ran a friendship group for new year sevens and eights. I try my hardest to change things for the better and enjoy working with pupils of all ages in the school in activities such as the school council and mentoring.

In the summer of 2005 I undertook work experience with a drama group which taught young children morals through plays and I greatly gained from the experience. Along with media I am undertaking English and Photography A levels as I feel that both of them can greatly aid me in a media orientated direction.

My outside interests span a wide variety. I love to read some of my favourite authors being ''Dan Brown'' and ''JKRowling''. I also like to write and have recently had one of my poems published in a young author's collection. Photography and graphic designs are huge personal passions of mine; they give me the ability to express my self in a creative and positive way.

Since July 2005 I have been part of the Birmingham and Solihull Youth Board and worked up to being a senior member. I enjoy spending time with my friends participating in social activities such as paintballing, laser quest, the cinema and bowling.

On Saturdays I also have a part time Job at a library where I have to be organised as well as computer literate and complete tasks independently or part of a team. Last summer I spent 3 weeks travelling Europe and went to places such as 'Auschwitchz in Krakow and the 'Reichstag' in Berlin. The experience was amazing and allowed me insight to other countries cultures and lifestyles.

Media is a huge part of both my academic and personal life and I truly feel that placement on this course would help me in my future career ambitions in the media world. Living so far away from home whilst on the course would also help me gain independence and life skills.

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This personal statement was written by indie crush for application in 2008.

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I wasn't entirely sure about my statement however I got into all five unis with it ^_^
Bournemouth - Offer made
Teeside - Insurance
Bangor - Offer made
Glasgow Caledonian - Firm
Porstmouth - Offer made


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excellent statement!!!

excellent statement!!!


This is amazing, it inspired me to do my own Media statement.

Glad you approve lol, can't

Glad you approve lol, can't say Ive ever heard a statement called sexy before :o

Mmm this is so good. Yeah. Oh

Mmm this is so good. Yeah. Oh right. Excellent. Rubba dub dub.


this statement is amazing! this is the first one i have actually read all the way through and not got bored. it has helped me so much thank you! :) xxx

pure mint!

i agree with "wow!" This personal statement was well written boo...n its da 1st 1 i ev also read through till da end! i think ama start my own media one..u've inspired me!

just starting the scary task

just starting the scary task of ps for uni thank you so much for sharing yours this along with others read this evening helped me to make sense of the structure - wanting to study BSL interpreter.

its not THAT good... but its

its not THAT good... but its decent


youre verY GOOD OMG

Heyop Chuck

Its QUITE GOOD, Really gooood

i think this is superb..... i

i think this is superb..... i reallly enjoyed reading it and actually used it for one of my projects that i did thanks alot....

This Is Brilliant

This Is Brilliant


I'm wanting to do Media Communications for my degree, but i feel as though I haven't had as much experience as you have though :(..
Your personal statement was great!! i enjoyed reading it alot!!


this was so amazing!!!!
i can never thank you enough!!!
u hav changed my life!!
and my sexuality!!!!

Big Up

I love this statement man ... love you babe

this is good, but wat is

this is good, but wat is better is the amount of experience etc that you have !!!!!

Really gd, has made me re

Really gd, has made me re think - do i really want to go into this field. Want to study Music, Media and Events management. Maybe i need more ex in this field


I love this statement more than you could imagine. I find myself reading it everyday and reciting it in my sleep, which disturbs my pets (rabbits, hamsters, rats) who sleep on my breast.

welldone this is a great

welldone this is a great statment

really good statement, i went

really good statement, i went to Auschwitz as well and it is in Krakow. Auschwitz is the name of the camp and Krakow is where it is placed.

"'Auschwitchz in Krakow and

"'Auschwitchz in Krakow and the 'Reichstag' in Berlin. The experience was amazing and allowed me insight to other countries cultures and lifestyles." Both places majorly associated with the nazis... made me lol.


this is a great statement! im currently writing mine as i want to study a combined degree in media studies with graphic design.. reading yours makes what ive wrote so far on mine.. rubbish lol! but you have helped me alot as there are things i dont know what to write!

Over rated

I am a lecturer at the university of London and i know that this is way to over rated and needs alot of work because you are rambling way to much and not getting to the point enough.
Try shortening it down a lot and talk about your influences more.

my gosh. this was really down

my gosh. this was really down to earth. excellent mate

Well done

Your personal statement is good but did you really have all that experience ? If you did is that how much experience university's expect you to have for this course

What course did u choose? I

What course did u choose? I am thinking about Teeside University and am not sure, which course suited you best?

This is a good statement, it

This is a good statement, it helps a lot for me to create my own one: )! thx a lot!

I just started writing my own

I just started writing my own personal statement and I thought it was pretty good.... untill I read yours! It's incredible and I really want to go to Bournemouth so I've got a lot of work to do!


yeah...i agree with the professor. your statement's fine but it's not really any better than the other one's i've read.


Thanks, this really helped me write my own statement :)

ohhh my word

This is a good personal statement, it's given me some ideas for mine... i'm so worried about how many people want to go to Bournemouth though! everyone wants to go there for media and i haven't got half as much experience as this...

Better get to work :/


Very good personal statement, but please, Auschwitz-Birkenau is NOT in Krakow! It's in the same voivodeship, but not even near this city (about 2-3 hours away).

Natalie Delemere

Thanks again guys I totally forgot this was up here! Im reapplying for a whole new uni and remembered my personal statement was up here, just putting my name in the title incase they do that whole web search thing


For starters I doubt you're a professor, considering you didn't even use the term 'I' I would've thought as a teacher that would be a major thing, plus you set yourself as a guest. JUST SAYING

And to the person who asked do I really have this much experience the answer is yes and I actually have more now, mainly because if you think of those people at school who you hate cus they did EVERYTHING, I'm one of them I wanted to make sure I looked back on my life and could say I'd done what I wanted to do.



personal ID = 105-893-8815

This way they have proof. SO angry!! this could damage my uni chances, I expect them to be emailing my choices rectifying their mistake!


UCAS use software called COPYCATCH. If you copy sentences from this website you will be caught and Universities may REJECT you on the basis of plagiarism.

Your personal statement is

Your personal statement is excellent, and has given me the inspiration to create my own personal statement.

I thank you. x

i am extremely turned on by

i am extremely turned on by this statement i am currently touching myself with the mouse.
forever thankful for helping me realise my new fetish.
love your pal emily bond


the most beautiful in the world

chloe paylor, rachel jones. steph maude

i am extremely turned on by this statement i am currently touching myself with the mouse.
forever thankful for helping me realise my new fetish.
loveee usssssssssss.

this statement was amazing. i

this statement was amazing. i got to the end and cummed myself. i cudnt take anymore and have never been so sexually aroused. from chris weatherall

There isn't any intelligent

There isn't any intelligent words... should be 2 star or 3 to be honest!


Tasty. Writing mine now. Thanks.

Loved it. Really good work.

Loved it. Really good work.

Loved it. Really good work.

Loved it. Really good work.


thanks for making my personal statement look like crap!!!..loool


how can everyone think this is a GOOD personal statement? wtf? its rubbish... and has the person who wrote it ever heard of commas?

brilliant statement

is it just me or is that thing about saying ''I've been across europe'' and mentioning auschwits and the reichstag sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me, what about the many more wonderful things in europe, why them two?

and Dan Brown all his book have been widely discredited because the is no fact in them at all


I liked the part when it ended.


I also liked the part where it began.


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