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Some say that it is the media that shapes the world around us. Others argue that the media merely reflects our society as we make it. Either way, public relations is involved in shaping the opinions that we have on the personalities that the media presents us with through reputation.

To create and maintain the reputation and positive representation of an organisation or individual is challenging and ever changing and I believe that this is why public relations appeals to me with its unrelenting energy and power. A career involving unexpected changes, inevitable twists and turns appeals to me far more than a life of routine ever could.

My study of media has allowed me to track the rise and fall of the state of celebrity the former is the aim and the latter is what I would wish to avoid on behalf of my clients. Sociology has opened my eyes to the world around me and to the impact that the media, its organisations and individuals can have on the world around them.

From years of organising and participating in charity events I have honed my skills of persuasion and manipulation. My work on both the student and school newspapers has increased my writing capacity and worked in parallel with my English language course. These have given me the ability to write in different formats and styles for a variety of purposes and audiences. My place on the Sixth Form committee has extended beyond my position as Advertising Manager, which requires event co-ordination and promotion to both the sixth form and the school. I have been actively involved in the running of the sixth form on behalf of the students as well as the organisation of charity and social events, most notably the Prom held at HMS Dryad.

Whatever I do in life, I do with passion. I follow football and cricket throughout the year. Cricket has always been a part of my life and I am active in the administration and scoring at grass roots and village level as well as regular trips, home and abroad, to follow county and international fixtures. I assume responsibility for the busy bar after matches at the local club on summer evenings whilst winter evenings are spent working at an after school childrens club. Reading sporting autobiographies of people whom I have held in such high esteem satisfies my inquisitive nature. I am fascinated to discover the person behind the reputation that has been created for them.

I am ambitious and highly motivated to succeed. I want to learn from the best to become the best. In ten years time, I want Max Clifford to be scared of the reputation that I am building for myself. A bold statement but Viv Segal, MD of Sefin Marketing reminds us that 'PR means telling the truth and working ethically. Public relations fails when there is no integrity.'

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a very powerful statment

a very powerful statment

I have looked for so long for

I have looked for so long for an example of a personal statement for Public Relations! Thankyou so much for posting it, its helped me to finally get started on mine. Fingers crossed I'll recieve an offer for Bournemouth too!

thankyou so much for your

thankyou so much for your help this personal statement was a huge help and i hope you earned great sucsess from this

Inspirational and influential

Inspirational and influential for me personally as Iam writing my personal statement.
Thank you



is psychology absolutely

is psychology absolutely required for pr and communications?

i like this its a good read

i like this its a good read

WOAH. Your personal statement

WOAH. Your personal statement helped me immensly when trying to write mine. Its amazing how you have packed so much information into so little space. Hope you got to the uni of your choice.

I am writing mine at the

I am writing mine at the moment, bare in mind that I'm a foreign student and it's killing me, your statement has been a great help as I want to do MA International Public Relations. Good work and thanks. M

Does anyone else think these

Does anyone else think these comments are overly gratifying?? I, for one, think it is simply 'alright'.

This is amazing. Im looking

This is amazing. Im looking to do PR next year at university and genuinley cannot see myself writing a statement of this standard. Fantastic and a great help, thankyou.

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