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Throughout my volunteering experience in the heart of Kampala, Uganda, I dedicated my time teaching young, deprived and uneducated children as well as supporting the local community. It was then that I realised these third world social challenges were not being effectively expressed by the media. The vulnerable yet courageous individuals I worked with not only changed my perspective but motivated me to share my experiences with other people. It now therefore my aim to creatively broadcast key topical messages and raise awareness on a larger scale. I feel media is the method for doing this.

Before becoming inspired and stimulated by the world of media, much like the rest of society I was subconsciously part of it; the websites I read, the news that captivated me and the advertisements I capitalised in. However, becoming a media student and immersing myself within the industry enabled me to not only to see how and why the media did these things but meant I could interrogate what I was consuming and extend my insights into the world of human communication. I feel continuing media and communications at a degree level will not only provide me with a set of transferable skills but will equip me for a career in the industry.

My desire to peruse a media degree has been strengthened by my recent media visit to the city of Budapest. This led me to understand and critically examine how different cultures broadcast their media platforms. Visiting a Hungarian newspaper company gave me the opportunity to listen and question a range of journalists who lived through the communist period and were now applying modern communication styles to reach todays audiences with their writing. My commitment and desire for the subject has enabled me to explore the media industry through a wide range of approaches. Visiting film and TV sets has creatively inspired and encouraged me to incorporate my Fine Art A-level skills within the media sector, as I enjoy creating things for people to consume visually. Additionally, I have academically enrolled myself within taster courses at a range of universities which has prepared me for lecture style learning and given me an insight into university life.

However, what made me certain that I wanted to work in media and communications was my time at The Content + Connections Agency, Mediacom. My experience within the company allowed me to set goals and aspirations as I saw the sectors in the huge media agency as something I wanted to be a part of. Whilst here I was able to communicate with empowering females of the media industry such as the founder of the MOBO awards and previous CEO of the industry. Here is where I learnt about the development of the industry and gained advice on what skills I needed to progress in my chosen career. One skill I felt was vital in the industry was leadership and team work, I have developed both of these during my role as managing director for my class business as part of the Young Enterprise Charity. Having to take lead of a group of 20 other students has given me self-motivation and the ability to take the initiative whilst keeping everyone on track and making quick yet effective decisions. My role has also allowed me to hone my communication skills, not only within my colleagues but with outside business partners, other directors and authoritative figures within the industry.

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Hi I'm applying to do media and communications at Newcastle, Bournemouth, Loughborough, Royal Holloway and Sussex.

Let me know what you think.

Davinia Fielding-Cooke


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