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This course ignites my interest due to the sheer excitement of creating something which can entertain or educate all ages, and can be preserved due to the multi-platform series which the industry relies on. I was immediately fascinated by the fun but hard working environment on my first supporting artist job on the set of “Jinx”.

I was astonished at how well everything works in order for it to come together for broadcasting. This lead me to do more supporting artist work where I became captivated by the mysteries of the media and its impact upon us; it entertains us yet can also deceive us and expose hidden truths. This is what motivates me into constantly discovering more about this ever-changing industry.

To broaden my knowledge of the production of factual programmes, I have read Directing the Documentary (5th edition) by Michael Rabiger. I found this particular read interesting as it covers topics which can be applied to all different genres of film making such as a wider explanation of the importance of white balance for retaining colour accuracy.

The book also covers the fundamentals of factual programming, for example the importance of three point lighting for lit interviews and key light direction/backlighting.

Through my experience of supporting artist work, I have gained knowledge from an observational aspect, learning how much there is to think about with every shot.

From continuity, to relevant and period-drama-cautious mise en scѐne, I have experienced the seldom frustrating re-takes and the elation of a scene wrapped up, as well as the interesting technical decisions the director and other members of the crew make.

With relevance to this particular point, taking Drama and Theatre Studies has developed my interpretation of written texts, and has allowed me to make technical and directorial decisions based on my own understanding as well as developing written directions further.

Studying English Language has developed my ability to analyse critically and gain a high level of communication skills. I feel these qualities will be transferable to my chosen degree at university.

My technological knowledge which I have mostly gained from studying Media Studies at GCSE and A Level includes; Adobe Audition for editing a radio news program, Final Cut Pro, and other technical equipment similar to what is used in the industry.

The short film, which I am currently working on for coursework, is helping me to model the many roles within the industry. I am developing, learning and improving my skills from pre-production, right through to the post-production process.

Furthermore, I have been chosen to be the Media Studies course representative which involves listening and communicating feedback from students to lecturers about the efficient elements of the course and improvements.

In addition, I have also had the chance to operate the lighting for various school productions. I designed the lighting scene by scene for High School productions which included “Oliver”, “Hairspray” and various other talent competitions and show case nights.

I am hopeful this shows dedication, commitment, good time management, and a passion for helping people where I can. As a performer in Drama and Dance, I have taken part in various productions, two of which at professional touring level when they came to Stoke. My stage experience has taught me how to take responsibility for myself and others, enhancing my confidence.

In order to gain even further knowledge about the industry, I have recently visited BBC at MediaCityUK and Warner Bros. Studio Tour London for the “Making of Harry Potter”. These trips have shown me an insight into the studios and facilities I aspire to use in my future career.

I am eager to explore the various nuances of this course to develop further specialist knowledge and enhance my skills in all areas. I am looking forward to immersing myself in University life, with like-minded people, and all the challenges it may bring.

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This personal statement was written by h.lizzy.k for application in 2013.

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Got offers and interviews from all the Universities I applied to with this statement. These were; Salford Uni (firm), Uni of York, Bournemouth Uni (insurance), Aberystwyth Uni and Hertfordshire (got interview but didn't attend).


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