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The creation of media has always held my interest. Completely blown away by Pooh’s Heffalump Movie at the ripe old age of 4, I was convinced that every take was a new scene. Only to be boggled years later after finding out that scenes in as film were generated from multiple of these tiny ‘scenes’.

This awe and interest only grew after finding communities on the internet that: broke down the creation of films; found funny little Starbucks slip-ups; talked about spoon-throwing cult classics; and found the weird and wonderful small creations dotted around the internet.

As this was a life I could only dream of, I settled with the nightmare of becoming a teacher. If dealing with 30 (or more) screaming children wasn’t bad enough, the prospect of entertaining these children with engaging activities was enough to drive you up the wall. Despite the chaos that myself, ahem, the children created, their reactions during and after the activity were enough to almost make it all worthwhile.

I went from the life of being swept off my feet with god-knows-what-covered children to … being swept off my feet with god-knows-what-covered hotel rooms. Not only did this job teach me to leave a situation where I wasn’t being treated fairly, but it taught me to be disciplined in a somewhat timely manner. It also gave me the excuse to rekindle my love for the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, where the sound design and voice acting led me to binge dozens of episodes while I worked.

Finally leaving the stains of god-knows-what, I found myself covered in creatures found in The Home of The Kelpies. When I thought things were only going to get worse, I found a job that let me properly develop my skills. Between April and August, my communication and leadership skills developed like nothing I’d ever seen before.

Within only a couple of months, I was able to lead an understaffed car park into filling and managing the spaces, while also making sure my colleague and I were sufficiently taken care of in the heat. While working here, I saw a major improvement in my mental health – something I never thought was possible. With a small team of amazing colleagues, I’m finding it increasingly easier to find a joke in bad situations, while also finding the space to address my own mental struggles.

During the last couple of years in high school, I went back to my old drama company to volunteer as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The satisfaction from completing the multi-day walk could not compete with knowing that you played a role in the development of a young child’s confidence and seeing it finally come out in their performance.

My love for creating media started almost two decades ago with a little yellow bear that I still adore today. Within that time, I have worked on the stage and behind the scenes to build a range of skills and information that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Sometimes I wonder if A. A. Milne knew the impact that little bear would have on generations to come. And sometimes I wonder if I could have the same impact myself.

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