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My reasons for wanting to become a Social worker are quite varied, the main one being to assist people in realising their potential and helping them reach their goals, and at this stage of my life I believe the experiences I have gained are extremely transferable in terms of working with the general public; mostly drawn from my profession as a hairdresser (owning my own salons) both here and abroad.

This has installed in me a level of professional commitment, dedication and empathy needed in becoming a qualified social worker.

The challenges I faced setting up a business abroad required a very mature and committed approach, initially trying to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers presented, but with a dedicated and open-minded attitude it was possible to make this a rewarding success for myself, my wife and children, but overall I can now offer the Social work profession and its clients a committed and caring attitude.

The previous business undertakings involved a partnership, managing staff of various nationalities, plus all the financial dealings and most importantly providing a personal and professional service to the clients.

This will all be relevant in social work with the practice of working individually and as a team member, but while keeping client confidence paramount to any success in the future, and also keeping a level of diplomacy, always important in gaining people’s trust.

Through this I have a strong understanding of the need for enabling people to make positive life choices regardless of adversity. I have seen and experienced at first hand the need for positive outcomes for all individuals in their quest for empowerment, through my previous profession the need for feedback is always important, to learn what needs to be improved or kept going.

Social work aims to meet the expectations of individuals and to be person centred, and my business skill- set and experience will be an asset in the professional care environment, and with my people skills I am prepared to deal with the stress and pressures within the profession.

At the present time I am mentoring a young man with slight autism, who is living with a foster family and wants his life to proceed in a more independent manner, showing him the everyday practicalities and responsibilities involved in this process is part of my duty, and giving him the confidence to be able to do this more independently is the main objective of my role in his life, also just being there in terms of consistency is a big thing for him having experienced a lot of rejection and disappointment.

My experience as a father has taught me that dealing with adolescents can be tricky but also very rewarding. My ability to communicate effectively is a skill I have developed, both in my life- roles and currently as a volunteer through professional training with Central Volunteer Services.

I am a very experienced “active listener” and can comfortably build a rapport with young people, respecting their youth culture and enabling them to make positive choices.

I am at this moment studying a HE Diploma (Social Work), where I have been voted as the group representative and this progression has opened my eyes to the learning requirements and the practical realities that will lie ahead.

With the determination needed I know I can achieve a positive outcome in the learning environment, without any distractions that I may once have encountered, and with the opportunity now presented to me I now can approach the future with a clear and open mind.

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