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Education is of great value to me and I take it very seriously. To be given the opportunity to study further is of great importance to me and I intend to go as far as I possibly can with it, with the aim of going on to do a masters degree in the future.

The Access course that I am currently attending has so far taught me how to study effectively with the importance of attending lectures and taking notes for me to refer back to in my private study time. I have met a lot of like minded people that I have rapidly bonded with which I am certain will prove to be a valuable support network over the coming months.

I am applying for a place on the social work degree course because I want to learn the skills required to enable me to work with people supporting them and making a difference to their lives.

Some of the qualities that I feel make a good social worker are empathy, insight and a non-judgemental view of others. It also requires the ability to assess each situation on an individual basis, you cannot afford to just assume that it is the same as last time, every case is new and requires the ability to reflect on the past so as to improve the future and to grow with time and experience.

Listening is a valuable skill that I possess, I am very aware of how powerful it can be to just simply listen to someone and for them to be aware of the fact that someone has taken the time and the effort to hear them.

The amount of relevant experience that I have is quite limited, my working years have been spent working in accounts departments. I went to college for a year in 1995 to further my accounts studies which awarded me a NVQ Level 2 but I have long since been aware that accounts and admin roles are not going to make me happy.

Over the last 5 years I have thought long and hard about exactly what career would satisfy my desire to help people and social work has always been in the foreground. I thought about more of a counselling or mentoring role and as much as they do appeal to me, social work is the one that I have the greatest desire for. I have thoroughly researched the many course options open to me and have looked at Criminology Sociology and Psychology and have firmly satisfied myself that I have made the right decision in choosing the social work degree and am now committed to achieving this.

6 years ago my Dad suffered a breakdown, he got to a point where he could no longer carry on and so he asked if he could come and stay with me. My mum came too but the reason why my Das asked for my help was because he knew that neither my Mum nor my sister could understand mental health issues. I spent the coming weeks just taking all the pressure off of him, I didn’t push him and I made sure that he didn’t have to worry about anything, he stayed with me until he was able to face the responsibility of life. This taught me a lot about helping people and how important it can be to

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This personal statement was written by bramble for application in 2011.

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I would really like opinions on my personal statement please.


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your personal statement is

your personal statement is good but i think you need to show more interest in social work rather than education.

Brilliant statement! Thank u.

Brilliant statement! Thank u.


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