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Social Work is something I have always been interested in, especially working with children and families. Helping people overcome obstacles and difficulties and making the most of themselves is a very rewarding yet challenging career. You have the chance to meet a variety of different people with different problems from substance misuse to cases of neglect and abuse, as well as supporting those in the care system. Whilst enabling people of all ages, a Social Worker is expected to work along side other organizations such as the police, hospital staff, teachers and care givers so effective communication skills and organization is essential to the role, as well as resilience and the ability to handle pressure. Social workers have to be committed to supporting people who may have multiple problems. As professionals they remain non-judgemental regardless of disability, race, gender, age and religion. As part of their daily work, Social Workers must keep accurate, clear and concise records for case conferences and court work.

The reason I have chosen Teesside University is because it is an outstanding University and comes highly recommended by friends who have attended the University as well as having a very high student satisfaction figure. I am looking forward to attending the Discovery Day for Social Work in December to see how the subject is taught and to have a look at the facilities available to students and hopefully meet some of the lecturers. The placement section of the degree holds a great deal of interest for me as this will give me the most insight as to what the job really entails and the difficulties that may arise. As part of the degree, I can record my experiences in my reflective journal. I am looking forward to learning more about the law and how that shapes the role of a Social Worker as I will only have a basic understanding of this when I start university. From my research, I understand a range of teaching methods are used, such as, lectures, group work, Outside speakers, problem based learning and assessments.

I am currently enrolled on an Access to Higher Education course at Stockton Riverside College, covering subjects such as Sociology and Psychology which I find very interesting and I am looking forward to learning a greater understanding of people through these subjects. The return to learning was daunting but I have found it very rewarding at the same time and I am enjoying the experience immensely. Before starting the Access Course, I have mainly been a stay-at-home mum. Prior to that I have worked in retail and hospitality, focusing heavily on customer service and satisfaction. This has helped the development of my communication skills.
As a volunteer for the charity Home Start, I feel that this experience will hone my existing skills as well as equip me with new ones. I am due to finish my induction and training on 3rd December and will then be placed with an appropriate family to help.

The role of a volunteer is to help a family over come difficulties such as loneliness for new mums who just needs a friend, to the more practical help of taking the children out so parents can get important jobs done. Volunteers are also equipped with basic knowledge of Child Protection guidelines, a basic understanding of abuse and where confidentiality must stop if a child is in danger. One of the most important things a volunteer is taught is that everyone holds a different attitude to family life, just because it is different or you do not agree with it, does not make it wrong. I have learnt a lot about myself and about others from the training alone.

After graduation I hope to go into employed work as quickly as possible and develop my career as a Social Worker. I am particularly interested in working with children and families who often form the most vulnerable service users, developing a professional and trusting relationship with them, hopefully enabling them to function and participate fully in society

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This statement got me an early interview and an acceptance the following day...
I hope this can help give people some ideas, I found the worst bit was actually the opening sentence.
Good luck to you all...


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