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I am a people’s person. I am passionately interesting in listening to people’s problem and finding strategies to help solve them. In everyday life people go through difficulties that make life impossible to them to live. There is a saying that says a service is only as good as the person who delivered the service. I want to be that person who delivered a good service to people who needs it.

Through studying subjects like psychology, sociology and abnormal psychology I can satisfy my interest in some of the problem that effect people and how society influence people action or behaviour especially abnormal psychology that looks at the way people are characterised in society, what possible behaviour they need to show to get professional help. In society people in various stages of life are facing different problems like abuse, disabilities and mental illness that live in residential home or with their family sometimes struggles to get the right facilities or treatment they deserve as I am currently enjoying my access course it had developed my curiosity therefore I feel it is an excellent preparation to further my studies in university and become a social worker.

Currently I am a parent and a support worker for learning disability ,some of my responsibility are ;maintaining individual privacy and confidentially ,supporting them to cope with their daily life, organise daily activities, encouraging them to make quality decision that will enable them to gain more privacy within their home , supporting them to college which helps them develop new skills/improve their skills , communicate effectively with other professional when needed. I was a care assistant for three month assisting elderly people in a residential home in South Wigston, Leicester was also a primary teacher for kids 5-6 years in West Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown taught subject like maths English, Art and Craft, Sport, Rhythms, and Religious education. During those periods some of my responsibilities were setting targets and goals to achieve and complete academic syllabus, organising school trips, preparing note of lesson and make sure that aims and objectives of the lesson are met. However the job can be difficult sometime but because I find my job very interesting and i love every minute of it, so I know it requires commitment and patient on my part. It had also made me discovered my personality and ability which had made me more determine to face challenging situation in work and towards academic life/work

Presently in my access class o was elected as a class representative after given a speech to convince the class that I am capable of the post .However my ethnic origin and cultural awareness had allow me to be very sociably and interactive. I am interested in reading real life stories about children who had been abused by their families or someone outside their family. I go to the gym and church to release some stress however I enjoy the opportunity to make new friends, interacting with people from different background and level in life as it is a different environment. I enjoy socialising with people so much so that when I went to college I became a class representative.

As an applicant I am very respectful, opened minded and non judgmental therefore I believed in equal opportunity and always ready to challenge any unfair discrimination highly motivated, enthusiastic and persuasive towards education especially towards this particular subject as it my dream profession.

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