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Throughout my childhood and into college I have encountered many personal experiences that were very troubling for me. For example, some members of my family are/ have struggled with drug and alcohol use. I lost my uncle to drug use when I was a freshman in college. This was very challenging for me I felt that I could have helped them or done something differently that would have resulted in them to still being here today. Furthermore, I was a caregiver for my grandfather when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the fall of 2018. I cared for him day and night for many months until he passed in January of 2019. These two experiences allowed me to gain personal experiences with interacting with people in vulnerable populations and allowed me to learn that I have a passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives.

I believe that entering the social work field would be the perfect way to turn my passion into a career. Being a social worker is a unique and rewarding career choice that will give me the perfect opportunity to make a difference in my community. I believe one of the most rewarding parts of this career is making an impact in someone’s life. Even though, being a social worker can be rewarding, it can also be challenging at times. These challenges will allow me to expand my problem-solving skills and to continually grow professionally and personally.

I was raised in a working-class family, resulting in me having to work part-time while going through high school and college in order to be able to afford my education. Which allowed me to have great time-management and organizational skills. For much of my undergraduate education, I waitressed part-time, which granted me to gain a skill of social perceptiveness. I needed to be able to understand costumers from non-verbal communication. Furthermore, I demonstrated earlier a skill of being compassionate by providing the examples of my grandfather and uncle. Being a mature and responsible student allowed to learn how to communicate effectively, work in a team setting, and ask for help when needed. My toolbox of strengths and skills is constantly expanding, and I believe that these strengths will aid me in becoming a successful social worker.

Along with strengths, I believe I have some limitations. Self-confidence has always been a continuous battle for me because I am always second guessing myself. This needs to be improved because when working in this field, I need to be confident that I am making the right decision and I cannot keep second guessing myself. Moreover, I find myself making decisions with my heart rather than my head. I have always been known for caring too much for others and placing others before myself. I always want to heal everyone. This can be a good thing at times but within this field of work it can be a limitation because this could lead to taking on more than I can handle leading to me becoming overworked and burnt out. I have discovered these personal strengths and limitations about myself through experiences with interactions with a variety of different populations.

Other than personal experiences that were discussed earlier, I also have professional experiences with interacting and aiding individuals in vulnerable populations. My first internship experience was at ARISE at the Farm, where I worked with individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities using horseback riding as a form of therapy. Furthermore, I am currently employed through an agency called Elara Caring, where I provide in home assistance by assisting individuals in cleaning, shopping and laundry. I also have specific clients who do not have many friends or family, so I come to their home and aid them with social support. Lastly, I will be doing an internship through The Department of Children and Families in Pittsfield, Ma during my last semester as an undergraduate student. I am excited for this opportunity to be able to expand on my experiences with different populations of people.

When working with individuals, I will always be dedicated to complying to the NASW Code of Ethics. In congruence to the social workers profession’s value system I personally believe it is crucial to aid individuals in need and seek social change. I also believe that it is crucial to respect each client and treat every client in a caring way. It is also essential to acknowledge the importance of human relationships. Whether it is between client and professional or concerning friends, family, or social groups. Lastly, I promise that when working in the social work field I will act honestly to promote an ethical practice and I promise to be constantly expanding my knowledge for constant growth. I will take great pride in furthering myself professionally and would be grateful to continue my professional career through your Master of Social Work program.

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