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For a number of years, I have had an interest in the workings of society namely social structures and their impact on individuals and society as a whole. I believe that having a firm understanding of society is the first step towards overcoming social problems.

This is what drives me to study sociopolitical science. I am pursuing this interest at university with the hope that, upon completion of my degree, I will be able to effectively utilise my understanding to a positive effect.

The sociopolitical sciences help us to understand not only social issues but also, the underlying reasons for social change and dilemmas occurring throughout society and see relationship patterns between people and the state.

Coming from inner city London, I was able to draw comparisons between the social effects of Capitalism and Communism on a recent trip to Cuba. There, I took on an anthropological role and related experience with inner-city Cubans. On arrival, it was clear that there was a stronger sense of community amongst them, seemingly caused by poverty, censorship and Communism.

Notably, the lack of social welfare led to communal responsibility, rather than impersonal state intervention. While there I also noted that crime rates were lower in inner-city Cuba than in inner-city London. Seeing this I wondered if crime rates were lower due to their higher "sense of community".

Sutherland's Social Disorganisation Theory supported my idea, stating that crime rates increase in areas where people have fewer social bonds. This eye-opening trip and theory amplified my desire to understand the reasons for social dilemmas and, what implementing social policy can do to alleviate crime and other social problems.

With this, I feel that an understanding of society is an important base for which to create social policies, as effective policies are based on valid research and understanding. My own socio-political ideology is based on the notion that social bonds can be made stronger through consensus, and that our main concern should not be with individual interests but communal ones.

Taking A-level Law has amplified my critical thinking and analytical skills, allowing me to develop a highly methodical approach to research.

In English Language and Literature A-level, it was refreshing to read socio-political based literature from George Orwell. Conclusively, I am confident that studying English has allowed me to develop a greater sense of verbal expression, allowing me to write well constructed essays. I shall employ these skills throughout university incorporating personal theories and presenting my own ideas when appropriate.

After college, I was forced to leave education due to homelessness, teaching me to prioritise and appreciate self-reliance. I now work in events marketing, using findings from various sociological research methods, to create marketable events.

By working, I have guaranteed myself financial security for my time at university, rather than working, which may disrupt my studies. This role has amplified my independence and maturity and also improved my team work and oral communication skills.

Alongside my job, I volunteer for various organisations, namely Stonewall and The Albert Kennedy Trust, aimed at supporting young, homeless and consequently vulnerable people.

Through this, I have met and helped people from diverse sociocultural backgrounds, seeing firsthand the extent of the current social housing crisis and working to ease the problem. I look forward to delegating time between studies and volunteering.

Also, I wish to advance my extra-curricular activities of swimming, DJing and athletics as they are an integral part of me. Altogether, I am reliable, committed, and passionate about my studies. I appreciate the value
of education.

The sophistication, meticulous and impartial approach of the socio-political sciences have always enthralled me and I hope to appreciate their efficacy to a greater extent at university.

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