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My reasoning behind deciding to pursue a career in social work stems from my seemingly innate desire to see others succeed in fulfilling their potential. Although it feels somewhat of a cliché, my passion and desire for the field of social work originates from a genuine wish to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I am currently studying an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Social Work with South Essex College. Studying on the Access course has given me a chance to develop and improve upon core student abilities such as workload management and prioritisation. As part of this course I have undertaken the study of various topics including Psychology, Counselling Theory and Practice, Law, Diversity and Sociology as well as others that relate to studying at degree level.
It is my belief that though we are born completely dependent on others for all our care needs, as we grow, we develop a genuine sense of identity, creativity, autonomy and uniqueness which becomes completely our own. Every individual has the potential to provide something unique and beneficial to the community in which they are a part, however due to a variety of factors not everybody is able to make that contribution due to various barriers such as social oppression or exclusion. It is in the principal of empowering members of the community to take action for themselves and fully integrate into society in which I wish to be a part of.
My experience as a child with social services proved to be a positive influence in my life. I was assigned a social worker at a young age and placed into local authority care due to a breakdown in my family. Throughout this period I received a high degree of support from social services throughout my remaining school years. This proved vital in aiding me to develop a level of autonomy and independence to deal with life as an individual. This left a lasting impression on me and I came to see my social worker as somewhat of a role model and this has inspired me to become to others what they have been to me.

I have two years experience within the social care field including one year working within an intermediary care team for the National Health Service. This experience has developed my ability to perform needs led assessments as part of multi-disciplinary team to support service user’s ambitions and goals. As part of this same role I also received regular training from chartered Physiotherapists and direction under a qualified practice nurse in which I must demonstrate techniques to a prescribed standard. This role is a perfect stepping stone for moving into the social work field as many demonstrable skills used in the role will be used in the same capacity as a social worker.

Last year I performed some voluntary work at a local youth centre which ran a group for young carers. I myself had attended the group at a younger age and so was familiar with the experiences the children were going through in their domestic lives. Throughout this period I assisted the youth workers in the preparation of activities and outings to provide respite care to the younger members.

The skills and knowledge I believe I can bring with me to University include my tenacious attitude to commit myself to something, a friendly and approachable personality and an ever burning albeit slightly naïve desire to make a genuine difference as well as put something back into the system which has provided so much for me.

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Quite an emotional one really, trying to instil a sense of genuine morality and desire to make a difference.... numerous lines deleted, swapped around etc etc yada yada so on and so forth....Enjoy


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