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Having spent the last four years working in the social care field, I have come to realise that my passion lies in helping people who are less advantaged. I am currently taking an access to higher education course to further my ambition to become a social worker.

Until recently I was working in a residential home with adults with learning disabilities ranging from mild to severe. I worked with individuals who also have bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and challenging behaviour. This gave me great insight into the role of a social worker as I was attending multi-disciplinary care reviews helping service users to determine their present needs and wishes and identify future goals and desired outcomes, on an ongoing basis, whilst promoting empowerment, individuality, rights, responsibilities, identity and self esteem. I was putting care plans into action by helping individuals with life skills e.g. developing basic budgeting and money managing skills, providing information or helping service users to access information relevant to their needs and wishes, assisting them to develop a higher level of independence and improve their communication and social skills.

I was also providing continuous emotional support on a daily basis and during stressful life changes. I learnt how to communicate with clients about sensitive issues in an appropriate manner, understanding and being prepared for their reactions to the information. This job significantly improved my communication skills, my patience, and my initiative. As a result I became more aware of my own values and beliefs whilst showing respect for all persons and their values, beliefs, cultures, goals, needs and preferences.

I completed the NVQ3 in Health and Social care which enabled me to develop my practice. I learnt about the laws, legislations and different government policies involved in social care, about abuse and the different forms it can take and how to help individuals take control of their lives.

Although I have no experience working with children and families, I have raised my daughter single handed and feel that I can relate to families who are having troubles. I hope with my positive attitude and determination to improve my own quality of life I can reflect this into my practice when helping others.

At present I am studying Sociology, Psychology, Law and Politics on the access course. I am learning about the impacts of the industrial revolution and how society is seen from a Marxist and functionalist point of view, about different types of mental disorders, the structure of the government and how the criminal justice system works. I am finding it very interesting and am really enjoying being back in education.

I also read the Community Care magazine each week to keep up to date with social issues. I find the topics on current social issues very interesting and enjoy reading about the experiences of qualified social workers I also find the articles on topics such as advocacy helpful. I hope that studying the degree in social work will give me a greater understanding of social problems, their causes, their solutions and the impacts these have while allowing me to obtain the skills I require to be successful in my chosen career path.

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This is an excellent personal

This is an excellent personal statement, it ha helped me a great deal with mine. good luck with the application. Thanks

A very good Personal

A very good Personal Statement, some key ideas,enough deatils, not too long and not too short overall.
Well done and best of luck with your degree!!!!



Very well written, thank you

Very well written, thank you very much this has helped me alot, even though I feel as if I can not write a personal statement as well as this, as it has all the relevent information and wrote in a professional manner. The experiences and work I have done which have interested my towards being a social worker, are not as relevent as the experiences and work you have done according to promote your career.

From Anne, Oldham

Great statement! Hope you managed to gain entry to your 1st choice. I am an Access student and just starting the terrifying task of writing mine. Wish me luck. Good luck with your degree.

thank you Keira for sharing

thank you Keira for sharing this, it has helped me a lot with mine, good luck with your studies

This is really excellent as

This is really excellent as far as personal statements go. I'm currently in the process fo writing mine and it's incredibly difficult to do because you have so much to talk about in such a little space. It's different from other subjects, as you have to show your experience for a social work course. Well done Kiera, this was so helpful so thank you for sharing it.

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its going to be

its going to be doing social work so this has really helped out thanks x

heeyyyaa wua? nm wit me

so yea i like really wanna be a social worker cuz i get on well wit da fellas and i no dat dey have drama in der life and dey just need an ear to talk to <3 is that what social work is about? tb x

Thank you very much. This has

Thank you very much. This has really helped me.

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