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Prior to my residency in the UK, I have lived in one of the developing countries of Africa-Nigeria- a country where social inequality, poverty, social injustice and lack of respect for human right prevail.

In fact, these social problems has had an adverse effect on my sister’s health as she became hearing and speech impaired because of the lack of social welfare services or funds to support with her medical needs, this lead to family separation as my dad left Nigeria for U.K in search of better way of living.

My experience as a young person has shaped me into a caring, generous, patient and empathetic individual who would often see the well-being of others who are deprived in one aspect of their lives or another as my responsibility.

I have therefore chosen to be a social worker as I believe it is a career choice that will actively involves me in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are socially marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded through helping to meet their basic human needs, promoting the realization of their of potential as well as helping them recognize and exercise their rights.

I completed an extended diploma course in health and social care at level 3 a year ago and decided to take a gap year to go into full time employment in the health and social care sector in order to extend my knowledge and experience in the field.

During the course, I undertook modules like applied sociological perspectives, psychology, and development through the life stages, equality, rights and diversity. These modules gave me a better understanding of the society, social problems and their effects on people experiencing them.

The course involved a lot research works, group discussions, presentations as well essay writing which I have found interesting and useful as it has enabled me develop my analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Through group activity, I have been able to listen and respect the view of others whilst making positive contribution in achieving common goals.

I have worked voluntarily as a care assistant in a nursing home whilst studying for a qualification in health and social care. This role gave me the basic insight into care of elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and other form of disability.

I was involved in supporting them with activities of daily living in which they were having some difficulties with. The experience I gained as a volunteer lead into full time employment as a care assistant where I was responsible for the provision of personal and basic health care needs of service users, assisting them to gain, improve and maintain their self confidence and independence in performing their day-to-day self care.

My commitment and positive attitude toward my job contributed to my promotion to a position of senior care assistant in-charge of residential care unit.

I am currently responsible for pre-admission assessment of new service users; I carry out need assessment in consultation with service users, their family and other multidisciplinary team such as the G.P, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, community psychiatrist nurses and so on.

I am also responsible for developing care plans that is centred on the needs and preferences that are identified during the initial assessment. I work alongside my care team to implement and review individual care needs in collaboration with the service users, relatives and multi-disciplinary.

Although social work role is more complex and can be very challenging than my current job role, I believe my current role has well prepared me toward fulfilling my ambition of becoming a social worker. I have learnt to multitask whilst remaining focus under the pressure of meeting deadline.

I have also had the opportunity of attending various trainings programmes especially in the aspects safeguarding and mental capacity. I look forward mostly to the practice placement which is one of the requirements of social work degree. As a kinesthetic learner, engaging in social work role whilst studying will help me relate theory to practice.

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This personal statement was written by Trixiee22 for application in 2013.

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So I applied to

University of Portsmouth- Unconditional offer( my first choice)

Middlesex university- interview ( failed interview)

Coventry- Invited for an Interview (Withdrew application as I already had an offer from 1st choice)

Hertfordshire - unsuccessful

Canterbury Christ church---- unsuccessful( said I didn't have enough experience or my experience didn't relate to the social work role.... Errr!!)

Interview for Middlesex was soooooooooo difficult didn't even get through the written part

Interview for Portsmouth uni I found easy as that is where my heart really is..

Although I won't be going to university this year again, I'm writing another personal statement for 2014 entry( my 3rd social work personal statement). Thought this might help you all as I also need help right now

All the best


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