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I have chosen to study a Social Studies Degree as it is a passion of mine to work with young people and provide opportunities for them that wasn’t there for me. I’ve always had the responsibility of putting other people before myself and being there for others, from the age of thirteen standing in for my mother was my duty- where other children my age had regular tasks of house cleaning and regular chores I also had the tasks of looking after my younger brother and being there for my younger relatives.

When my younger brother was born I realised that when someone relies on you and looks up to you and learns from your behaviour and your example, you have to better yourself and be the best role model you can be- you are the tools that can help build another individual.
Social Studies has always been an interest of mine from since studying Child Development for my GCSE’s, learning about the development of children fascinated me and made me want to learn more and gain more in depth information. For this reason, during my first year of sixth form I studied the L2 Childcare qualification along with Health and Social Care and then went on to study the L3 CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education.

Whilst studying Childcare at levels two and three I gained a lot of experience in theory and practical work, I began to learn more about equality, diversity, human rights and inclusive practise. Through this I gained a lot of skills which help me to realise first and foremost where I wanted to go with my qualifications and secondly that there was more I wanted to use them for.

I studied at Lambeth College where I held the position of student ambassador, some of the responsibilities of my role were to represent the college at specific events; going out in to the public (schools, colleges e.g.) and make the students or aware of what our college has to offer. Other tasks assigned to were taking leadership of the other ambassadors during events and talking about previous experiences that I had to potential ambassadors and future college students.

I now currently study at Middlesex University where I have started my firts year in the Youth Justice course, admittedly due to alot of financial circumstances I have not been able to apply myself as well as I originally intended to. Which is why I now would like to start over, and refresh my knowledge in better surroundings where I can dedicate myslef appropriately and continue to finish my degree and get closer to my future career.

My free time or social life outside of education revolve around trying to keep myself healthy, I attend dance class weekly learning how to keep the body supple through specific movements and stretches. I play and have played basketball from since the age of nine, and as often as possible I like to spend time in the gym where I do a lot of running, swimming and using the gym equipment. I also attend a lot of my younger brother’s tae kwondo and football sessions, initially to help him strive for whatever it is he aspires to be.

Over the last five years studying childcare, I have worked in a variety of childcare centres; from day nurseries to summer day camp programmes. Observing how the experienced CCE workers (childcare and education workers) work allowed me to see and get first hand experience on how things are on a day to day basis in many different settings; I was able to understand the real duty and intensity of how things can be or get in a setting.

To help further my experience and allow me to prepare for theoretical and practical work in Social- Youth Justice and or Community Work I have decided to apply for some voluntary work with a youth organisation that deals with young people that are at risk of offending. I believe it will help broaden my knowledge and allow begin to prepare myself for work and studies in my chosen field.

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