Social Work Personal Statement

I have chosen to take up the social work course because firstly I'm at college doing a HNC Social Science course and two of the subjects im doing is; Sociology which has gave me my ambition to be a social worker. Sociology has fascinated me with its study of the world and how it is seen from a Marxist and functionalist point of view and the social world and how society functions.

With sociology I look at how common sense takes people's experiences on issues through both ''naturalistic'' and ''individualistic'' points of view, and evaluates people circumstances, this subject has encouraged me to want to help and support people and there families cope with the day to day life . The sociology side of my course intrigues me because it looks at the more in depth explanations into how to understand and explain society.. The researcher ''Mills'' says that society can be understood through members in society as well as its structure. I’m also doing Psychology at college and am learning about different types of mental disorders and approaches to different mental disorders such as ; schizophrenia.

Secondly, I have taken up volunteer work with the local respite center in Irvine working along side people with physical and learning difficulties and disabilities to help them cope with their day to day activities ,this has opened up my eyes to the social work sector and working to help provide practical support to help people and their families manage there day to day lives better, this volunteer work has significantly improved my initiative, my patience, and my communication skills. Whilst working there I have found what my values and beliefs are and I have learned to respect other peoples needs, wants, beliefs and values.

Thirdly, I have always been interested in working with the public, from families and children to homeless people and those affected by drugs and crime this has fascinated me from an early age because my father at a young age was put into care by social workers, and my uncle has mental disabilities which he gets help with through his social worker so I can see how becoming a social worker can change not only my life but many others for the better.

In sixth form at school I volunteered to be a prefect and buddy, the responsibility's entailed being a role model for the younger generation and to watch over the children and talk to them and make sure they were happy with no complications. I was a great help as another authority figure to add to the team of teachers that were watching over the children to ensure there safety and well being, being a prefect has taught me to listen to what other people have to say and do my best to help them overcome the struggles that they face, but also to mentor them in difficult situations.

Whilst at school I had a part time job as a sales assistant for a retail store and this opened my eyes to many unexpected problems and has given me responsibilities and confidence and initiative to face problems head on and has helped me to develop my communication skills with many types of people.

As an individual I am a very outgoing person and I see this as a great quality to bring to social work.I’ve always grew up in the frame of mind that if I never try then I might never know what I’m missing, so I strive to be the best I can and I believe that I would be a great social worker both mentally and physically. My dad used to be in the army so I have had to watch him come and go but no matter what our family has stayed strong and I am thankful to my family because they always support me 110% in whatever I decide to do.

From a young age I have watched my dad leave the army for his family and choose the path of education so that he can support us better, education also means a lot to our family because it builds a strong platform for the future both personally and professionally, my father has been to college and university and got his masters degree which made us all very proud, I would like to be like him and be successful in life and become the best social worker I can and I know I can achieve this goal because I have my family behind me for support and motivation.

I enjoy traveling the world and learning about all the different diverse cultures and the different beliefs in society which links into my Sociology course at college. In my spare time I enjoy reading and doing sport activities such as ; swimming, diving and surfing. I also like to socialize with friends and spend quality time with my family. I enjoy doing research for my course and studying at home about the different topics that I need to learn for my college course.

Through further education I have learned time management skills so I can hand in high standard of work to college and balance out my part time job as well as keeping a steady study pattern going. I am finding my Hnc very interesting and I am enjoying being in full time education and I cannot wait to obtain all the skills and qualifications I need to go down my chosen career path. I'm a very motivated person who is hard working and committed to finishing something if I start it e.g. School, College and University. I don’t give up easily and my determination and commitment are the strong qualities that will help me push myself to reach my life and career goals as well as family support and motivation.

I thought my p.s is good enough to get into university and i shall be applying to uws, cali, glasgow, and strathclyde
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Social Work

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