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My motivation for becoming a social worker came about from my past experiences growing up. During my adolescent years I both witnessed and experienced families in crisis. This had a profound effect on me and after a process of soul searching as to the best use of my skills whilst at the same time satisfying a need to give something back, I have chosen to study to become a social worker. During my time away travelling around the world I found that I am capable of dealing calmly, sensitively and supportively with people in fraught and stressful situations. With this in mind I believe the Social Work course would best suit me as it would allow me to use those skills in order to help and support people. My goal is to continue on to post graduate studies at which point I would like to specialise in child and family services.

To achieve my goal I have been keeping abreast of the current issues in the field by reading the Guardian on Wednesdays and am also reading around the subject of social work. I have been investigating the reality of working in the sector. To that end I read Lena Dominelli's book 'Introducing Social Work'. This book has spurred on my passion for the subject due to the way Dominelli describes life as a social worker from an honest and frank perspective.

I have chosen to do Access to HE in Health as it is the most suitable pathway for me to university. Working whilst studying has had the added advantage of teaching me to deal with issues such as time management which I now know are transferable skills for me to be successful on the course but also when working in the field. As part of my research I attended the open days and spoke to senior lecturers involved with the course. It was the high standards and professionalism that impressed me the most and confirmed that university is most suitable for me.

At present I am working for Mencap as a support worker in a respite centre, working with children with disabilities and challenging behaviour. The job entails working alongside social workers and families and involves taking a hands on approach representing the interests of the young people in various situations such as school, home and at the centre. As part of the job I am also doing various courses including an NVQ level 3 in Health and Social care. This opportunity has greatly improved my organisational skills and has given me a valuable insight into this sector.

As a mature student I am also looking forward to the increased opportunities for a varied social life offered by university and to sampling the delights of some of the clubs and societies. As well as having a basic knowledge of Italian I am currently teaching myself British Sign Language. My other hobbies include Yoga and Pilates which I use to relax and de-stress.

I have travelled extensively and experienced many different cultures. During my travels it became obvious to me that my communication skills and the ability to 'think on my feet' enabled me to diffuse tricky situations and attempt to resolve them to everyone's satisfaction. I am a strong believer in equality and diversity and having had a living knowledge of other countries. I am also aware of the need for preserving the cultural rights of individuals.

My motivation is to better the lives and prospects of children and families. I have gained some valuable insights from my past experiences with inspirational moments that have fed my passion to progress, and develop ongoing strategies to achieve my full potential.

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