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What can be more rewarding than finishing work, going home knowing you have made a difference in someone's life? In society we have individuals who need caring and support for them to have quality lives and be healthy beings. Pursuing a social work career is my aspiration.

For the past six years I have worked in the care field, I currently support vulnerable individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours, helping them to become more independent. It is quite challenging as it can be really emotionally draining and demands high levels of common sense and instant, sound decision making.

I have become more resilient with regards to the day to day physical and emotional challenges of the care field. I have learnt to stay focused and under control in order to deliver the best care. I have experienced bereavement and seen service users in pain which can be quite distressing especially if you have human welfare at heart but with good training and experience I have become much stronger. I have done training on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Crisis Intervention Process which helped me gain confidence and knowledge on how to handle challenging behaviours, promote individuality and maintain dignity. My role demands high levels of communication skills as it involves working with other agencies such as doctors, nutritionists, social workers, therapists, day centre staff and police. I am also required to be a good listener to service users and their families, building a good rapport and maintain professionalism all times. Working nights by myself have shaped me into a more responsible and accountable person. I am responsible for the safety of all the service users and mine as well. This involves being alert and having the ability to make tasteful quick decisions in case of emergencies. I have learnt how important it is to record incidents and behaviours as these are useful in the compilation of risk assessments and care plans. In 2009, I was nominated “Colleague of the year” in the Leeds City Council Excellency Awards which shows how I get on and work well with others.

Currently I am enrolled on an Access to Higher Education course which requires hardworking and good time-management as it is quite demanding. In law, we have been looking at the English Legal System and I feel it is quite important as it governs every aspect of life. As a Social Worker, one will be in some cases, required to attend court sessions and stand their ground, so I feel having some law knowledge is important. In Psychology we have looked at how mental and eating disorders can be explained in Abnormality and have successfully completed a written timed examination. As regards Sociology, we have looked at its theoretical perspectives and are currently looking at how they perceive Education.

It took a lot of self-encouragement to go back into full time learning as it is quite challenging financially, juggling family life, working part-time and attending to my studies. The decision was entirely mine and I feel it's the best thing I have ever done for myself. Both my husband and my ten year old son have been very supportive and are very proud of me. I have learnt to become more organised as the pressure from college assignments can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, I have so far been able to cope and meet all my assignment deadlines.

A degree in Social Work will equip and prepare me to become an advocate, counsellor, risk assessor and work on care plans at professional level. Currently what I can do is limited to following care plans which are already in place and it is my desire to be involved at a more professional level, making decisions that can change someone's life for the better. I am particularly interested in continuing to work with learning disabilities but would also consider working with victims of domestic violence as I once was in a very abusive relationship. Making a difference in society is all I want to continue doing.

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This personal statement was written by pamjay77 for application in 2010.

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I found it very difficult to draft my personal statement, it helps to jot down all the facts you want them to know (plan). I got 5 interviews, withdrew 1, attended 4 and got conditional offers from all 4. Am going to York University actually pinching myself they offered me a place out of only 26 slots.

Goodluck all enjoy the experience - just make sure you have the roles and duties of a social worker, you know why you want to be a social worker, know current news on social work- related cases, these need to be at your finger tips no matter which interview you attend xxx



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