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Quid est homo? Why do different people act dissimilarly in the same situations? Why are some people affected by mental illness (like my mother) and others are not? These and other questions have aroused my interest in the only subject that can answer these issues - psychology.

Classical studies have given me the chance to assimilate necessary and important concepts within the principles and practice of psychology. They have led me to concentrate and focus on human beings in all their complexity. Throughout my studies I have been able to look objectively at practical scientific perspectives and theoretical ones.

Philosophy has been my main focus of interest over the years but I believe it often falls short in the scientific and practical answers to my questions. Chemistry and biology, and specifically, the study of the nervous system have given me the chance to better understand how the human brain works from a medical perspective.

These subjects are valuable foundations for the studies I would like to undertake at university. Last semester I created a presentation about the brain and its functions, where I was responsible for researching and analyzing various medical journals.

This coursework increased my enthusiasm for cognitive science and gave me an invaluable insight into this area of study. The study of mathematics and physics has made me realise that even the most challenging problems can be solved through logic and patience.

Whereas English and Italian literature has helped contribute to the development of my ability to reason, analyse and interpret texts.

European literature has opened my eyes to new and exciting texts and authors, for example, To Have or to Be? Written by the German sociologist and psychoanalyst Erich Fromm.

It was this very book that made me realize just how profound my interest in psychology was and it inspired me to make the application for higher education.

All the subjects that I have mentioned above are of paramount importance to the study of psychology. Thanks to my schoolwork I have become conscious of the importance of learning and believe it should be cultivated through hard-work, determination and sacrifice. In addition, independent study has boosted my ability to concentrate and has also helped me to work efficiently and effectively with confidence.

In my free time I study English language with a private tutor and in order to improve my linguistic proficiency outside the classroom, I usually read and watch films in their original language.

I am passionate about Alfred Hitchcock and in particular my favourite film, Psycho. I consider it to be a masterpiece as the film illustrates the complexity of the human psyche. In addition to language learning, I am also fond of travelling.

In order to combine my favourite leisure pursuits, I go to England every summer and study in a language school. I believe that the most effective way to learn a language is by living in the country where it is spoken.

The recreational activities within the summer school and the combination of international students increased my desire to relate to people of all ages and nationalities, making me a well-rounded individual.

Another hobby of mine is music. I have played the electric guitar and classical music since I was little. I have learned that thanks to passion and determination you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

I have chosen universities in Great Britain as I feel that they offer innovative teaching methodology and a practical approach to learning with some of the most advanced laboratories in Europe.

Studying in Great Britain would provide me with many opportunities, not only academically but also linguistically and culturally. I believe that given the opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming a psychology student I would be an asset to your institution.

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This personal statement was written by Klausyok for application in 2012.

Psychology at The University of York


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