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My enthusiasm to study psychology began as a child due to living with an alcoholic.

Through observing and being around someone with such a social problem I was gaining first hand experience of what it was like to live with someone with an addiction. It ignited an interest into human behaviour and what a person's line of thought is when dealing with such a challenge.

This developed into an ambition to be able to eventually work in an environment which helps people with mental health issues.

During school certain interests of mine became clearer. In fifth year my favourite subject was modern studies where I gained a better insight into social behaviour trends in Britain, which gave me a clearer understanding of how the choices we make impact social problems. When studying this topic I chose to become an organ donor.

The amount of statistics in Modern Studies has improved my maths skills. This I believe will be essential when studying psychology at university. In sixth year I chose to study higher psychology which has made me eager to study this subject to post graduate level.

I feel that it has gave me a good insight to what psychology is about and has helped my understanding of concepts and skills needed at university level, for instance research skills, keeping notes and deadlines organised and increasing independent reading.

I feel it has familiarised me with the course, thus making me determined to study it to doctorate level.

In addition I am studying Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies at advanced higher level. I am confident this has improved my critical thinking skills which will be extremely useful when completing my degree.

Studying at this level has developed my independent study skills, vital for university life as the workload requires many hours of studying out of class time. It has also introduced me to researching and writing a dissertation. I based my dissertation on the existence of god and the theory of evolution.

Choosing to do this as my dissertation has opened my mind to using scientific concepts as arguments, for instance the laws of physics when using the Big Bang as an argument against the existence of god.

I had to read about many people's view points, including those from different religions and philosophical backgrounds.

This along with modern studies has built my debating skills to a good level, and I believe that I can work well in a team when debating, or independently.

I feel that studying psychology and religious, moral and philosophical studies this year are working well together as both of these subjects require a great deal of thinking and organisation.

During free periods in school, I am part of the fifth and sixth year Events Committee which requires me to work in a team and come to decisions based on other people's opinions as well as my own.

I am also a school prefect and this displays responsibility and dedication to the school.

In my own time I have undertaken two short courses at Glasgow School of Art. The first being in fashion and textiles as I like to dress make often.

It developed concentration skills to complete tasks that I was not completely familiar with. The second course is life drawing. Each lasts twenty weeks and as it is set in a higher education environment I feel it has given me a good insight into university life.

I also attended a week at Castle Toward where I studied photography. The week was split into independent study and team building exercises.

My photograph was chosen to advertise the exhibition created during Castle Toward by Glasgow City Council and was seen on many flyers and posters around Glasgow.

To confirm my career choice I arranged a meeting with a psychologist, this proved to me that studying to a doctorate level is my aim and I would like to be a part of this team in the future.

I am confident that my first step to achieving this is by studying psychology at undergraduate level which I am eager to begin.

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This personal statement was written by evvvvvvie for application in 2012.

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Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
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University of Glasgow

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Scottish student applying for scottish universities. When i wrote this i personally thought it was pretty boring - but given character limits etc i feel it gets the point across. I applied for University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee and Queen Margaret University Edinburgh.


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