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An ancient Chinese proverb says, “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark”.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that even one tiny incident could be a huge influence on a child. I ask myself “what motivates children to act the way they do?”, “how do children interpret things whether they are right or wrong?”, and “what can affect a child’s present and future character?”

I believe the study of psychology can lead me to the answers of such questions. The study of mind and behaviour has intrigued me for a long time and I am particularly interested in child psychology.

I have been passionate about psychology since I was young and I have experienced different aspects concerning this subject.

I have a younger brother and I am often responsible for looking after him. This allows me to observe his behaviour and develop better ways to communicate with him.

My aspiration to learn more about mental functions grew when I volunteered to tutor a group of young children aged from six to ten. Although there was a generation gap between us, I persevered in the project and worked out the best method to teach them.

By listening to their conversation and understanding their facial expressions, I managed to overcome our language barrier. During the tutorials with the children, I found it interesting how they perceive and remember new things. I had a direct encounter with Psychology when I was twelve. I was involved in a car accident and met a clinical psychologist.

Though I did not undergo any therapy, this experience further aroused my interest in Psychology.

In recent years, I have acquired many transferable skills for psychology. At school, I was the vice-chairlady of Backstage Team – a team responsible for stage management. I attended meetings with teachers and collaborated with other team members in order to run events smoothly.

Being the vice-chairlady of Backstage Team enhanced my interpersonal, organisational and management skills. I was also a member of the school Athletics Team and Science Club. Through being a part in the relay team, I learnt to become more cooperative in groups and more sensitive to others’ needs.

As a member of the Science Club, I performed many different scientific investigations which improved my laboratory practical skills.

In my fourth year at secondary school, I was chosen to join a leadership training camp. This experience boosted both my leadership and critical thinking skills. In July 2010, I had the opportunity to work as a customer service representative.

Handling incoming calls and dealing with the customers in the store improved my communication and time management skills.

As a result I have become more patient and enthusiastic when working with the public. I was also given the opportunity to work in book fairs and trade shows and thus I have become more confident when expressing myself.

This working experience has built up my sense of responsibility as well as multi-tasking skills: following up on several issues at once, all the while paying meticulous detail to each task. These four months gave me a sense of accomplishment.

As both a socially conscious and sociable person, I believe that I could be an outstanding asset to your university. Not only do I focus on my studies, but I am also an active participant in all kinds of activities.

I am a keen athlete and hope to pursue athletics at your university. Without doubt I have a strong passion for psychology!

I also want to study at your university because only three out of nine Universities in Hong Kong offer a major in psychology and these courses are not as excellent as the one you offer.

Therefore, I very much wish I could study psychology at your university to follow my dream of becoming an educational psychologist and contribute to a better learning environment for children.

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This personal statement was written by christinestwong for application in 2011.

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University of Bath
University College London
Loughborough University
University of Leicester
Bath Spa University College

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I wrote this personal statement at Christmas and found it a bit hard to start. However, once you make a start, it's easier to go on.
I'm doing a foundation course and have applied to UCL, Bath, Loughborough, Leicester and Bath Spa (though I regret applying Bath Spa).


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