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Sigmund Freud - “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” There are few other things that arouse greater fascination than the human mind itself, its complexity and the mystery which enshrouds it has always appealed to me, which is why it is my dream to study psychology at university.

Since a young age I have always been a psychoanalytical person and have always wanted to know why people behave the way they do, what the origins of their behaviour are and why they are motivated to behave in such a way.

The concept of nature vs. nurture is one that fascinates me greatly, and the raging debate that ensues with it, nature referring to the wiring of ones neuro pathways from birth and nurture referring to his/her interaction with family and the general social environment.

As I grew older my interest has only grown and I now find myself consistently analysing my own life and applying psychological theories to explain behaviors and interactions that I witness and experience on a daily basis. Of the possible career options after university, the career that intrigues me the most is clinical neuropsychology.

I have always been a caring person as I have grown up and this is primarily the reason why clinical neuropsychology interests me. I enjoy assisting people with their problems and my friends view me as a person to whom they can always confide.

The aspect of neuropsychology interests me, because I am also fascinated by the brain and it focuses on the processes of the brain and how certain factors can alter these processes, often to a detrimental level, such as head injury and excessive alcohol consumption, as well as neurological diseases.

All of these can alter the neuropath ways that exist in the brain and can result in startling changes, such as a different personality or a neurotic disorder, such as anxiety disorders.

I am particularly interested in narcissistic personality disorder, it fascinates me because the cause of narcissism is still unknown and it’s even more intriguing how all of us do have narcissistic traits, but then what separates us from the true narcissist?

Regarding the near future and my career aspirations, I wish to see myself not only completing a degree in psychology but also a Doctorate and Masters in psychology, the Doctorate will be clinical psychology and then I will complete the Masters in neuropsychological to help fulfil my goal of becoming a consultant clinical neuropsychologist.

In reference to work experience or voluntary work, I unfortunately, as of now, have yet to acquire a position.

I have made intense efforts to secure work experience, mainly by contacting the Occupational Psychology Services, where I was hoping to obtain experience in the field of clinical neuropsychology. This proved difficult because the work that clinical psychologists do is private and confidential to their patient.

I am currently an A2 student studying Biology, Engineering BTEC and Religious Studies. The two subjects that have acted as a catalyst to enhance my interest in psychology are Religious Studies and Biology, Religious Studies offers an insight into the motivation behind the behaviours of people whilst Biology offers an insight into the scientific perspective of psychology, the effects of cortisol and other chemicals on the brain.

As for further independent research outside of the subject’s specification is my interest in how an oversensitive temperament at birth is said to contribute to defects in personality and how brain injuries sustained when young, particularly to the hypothalamus, can lead to high aggression in later life and also, on the religious aspect of my research how a lack of empathy can actually be useful in certain careers, such as being the CEO of a large company or an investment banker.

I have also read books related to my chosen course at university, including Robert Hare’s Without Conscience, and Raymond E. Fancher’s Pioneers of Psychology. As a person I would best describe myself as a hard working, ambitious and intellectual student.

I am also an excellent team worker and this is shown by my teams 3rd place in the Gael Linn Irish Quiz in which I was essential for the Sports category.

Furthermore I am also a Junior First Aider and have a certificate in Complementary Therapy. I am also a keen mountain runner and hope to take part in the Hill and Dales Race of 2014.

I am more than aware that completing a psychology degree does not automatically give me my dream career but it is a monumental step towards my ultimate goal of living a life dedicated to psychology.

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This personal statement was written by ryanmcilhennon for application in 2000.


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