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I hold a rooted enthusiasm for English Language; its history, its functions within society and its cultural influences, and I am happy to see that the course provides many of these aspects and there inter-connectedness. I am also intrigued in the multimodal aspects of language in the course and it’s prevalence in the media.

I am an effective analyst of texts as it is the predominant skill required to succeed in the A-level English Language course. I would be presented with several texts and expected to explicitly analyse them, picking out distinctive characteristics within the fundamental frameworks of English language (semantics, pragmatics, lexis etc.) and then intertwining them with relevant theories.

I would also have to recognise and identify reflections of the particular culture a text was written in and relate them to significant moments in the history of English.

There are areas that your course explores that are novel and attractive but I feel I am equipped with the essential tools and knowledge to excel in the course as I already have substantial understanding from previous Language explorations.

I also hold a deep interest in Psychology and there is no surprise that it was one of the most popular chosen courses at A-level. From this course I learnt the importance and value of objectivity and impartiality as well as open mindedness. One has to disregard existing beliefs and leniencies in order to effectively evaluate psychological studies and theories.

It’s not beneficial to hold convicted opinions on a subject you are not knowledgeable in. Aptly, sticking to the theme of psychology, I had the experience of learning the processes of NLP through a specialist.

I had never heard of it before this point and when told what it stood for (neuro-linguistic programming) and briefly what it entailed I was excited and made the abrupt assumption that it was developed from a sound, scientific basis. I only discovered it to be otherwise while attending the sessions and learning that it is a new-age pseudo-science.

Nonetheless, I retained an open mind throughout and found some aspects incredibly useful and I now apply some of what I learnt in everyday life.

I already have good interpersonal skills, I am charismatic, considerate, and open minded, and willing. My communication skills have developed substantially throughout my time at college and I believe it is my strongest trait. I have received praise from several teachers who comment on my ‘projective voice’ and how I speak with ‘clarity’.

I also apply what I learn from lessons in English Language to better my speech and improve it grammatically, keeping to the ‘language rules’ (avoiding doubles negatives etc.). However, with this said, I am not an advocate for pedantry and would never seek to ‘correct’ another individual’s way of speaking.

Another skill I have is adaptability to work new roles and environments. For a year I work on the manufacturing level of a Computer Hardware Company, assembling various components of P.C’s and helped to package them for dispatch.

This “hand’s on” position is one I never thought myself to be in but nonetheless I enjoyed it and I was commended for my “effectiveness” in working in a team.

For Work Experience Week at school, I worked as a Teaching assistant in Seaford Head secondary school. I worked with several departments across the campus supporting the teaching staff.

I had to follow instructions and also use my initiative on a daily basis, my assistance was valued and I was accepted as part of the teaching team.

I still feel a purist attraction to learning subjects in-depth and comprehensibly and feel a deep resonance for the subjects I have chosen in particular and believe this university can provide the satisfaction I’m looking for and I, in turn, will bring appreciation and humility with me.

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This personal statement was written by SamuelMQuick for application in 2014.

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This is a last minute personal statement (although finely sieved for mistakes by my Tutor) and a first attempt. I have submitted it here for clarity of mind, whether its good enough, or a kick up the arse if it's horrible. Would appreciate any feed back.


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