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I remember the day my class-fellows - a few good chaps and I on our way back home after classes. It was a cold evening in 1997 as far as I remember and we were 16 years of age. Every day after school we walked the same path. That was a day alike others before that. It happened that we walked into a bookshop with books well-arranged on the shelves.

We began looking at them, scrutinizing the titles we found interesting and for some time past as some kind of magic I stretched my hand towards the shelf and subsequently I held in my arms the book of the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa "The Book of Disquiet". At the first moment I was engrossed by the title.

At the next moment turning over several pages I felt intoxicated, I felt shaken. For the first time I stumbled across belles-lettres written by a man who had asked himself the same questions about our existence, about our life, about reality, about its authenticity, about the monotony of life, about dreams, the Truth...

A man who'd had nobody to share his thoughts with, nobody to discuss them with, and nobody to be understood by. A man who had found comfort in the book he'd written.

A staggering emotion passed all over my body. Emotion which you experience when you've found a fellow so close to your inner self, a person that shares the thoughts you have never shared with anybody, the thoughts that have been living inside of you but which you've always considered as inapprehensible and not intriguing for others.

A moment you understand you've found a confrere. I remember the day I visited one of the libraries in town. I was going around the shelves with philosophical books - it was summer and I was thirsty for answers. I recall one of the books I rented entitled "Theories of Truth". I frequently couldn't fall asleep at night highly excited by different questions.

I wasn't aware they were called metaphysical, nor if any branch of science was searching for answers.

The issues were metaphysical but the pain from not knowing the answers was pretty real. I wanted pure, concrete, comprehensible and certain replies.

As I turn back in time I find out that I've always seen things in the reality around us which the rest couldn't realise somehow. And if they couldn't see I wanted to show them. I felt sad as I began to understand that most people do not feel the same passion about those matters - some concentrated on pleasures, others deep in what they do and so forth.

I tried to accept that and dived into science alone. I wanted to understand myself, the society, the world we're living in, the hidden laws we're driven by, the love of people who loved me, the love I felt, the meaning of all this.

Trying to learn something more I ran into the books of Sigmund Freud about the unconscious mind, the books of Richard Dawkins about our gene, and the ideas of many more which I'd like to thank although they've never been my teachers in real life.

I was inspired by the ideas saying that man can be observed from a scientific point of view and all the desires, needs and dreams understood and explained.

I was impressed how Physics and Chemistry can go hand in hand with Psychology which gives the latter much greater possibilities for explaining the psychic and social phenomena.

If Philosophy is my teenage love, Psychology is the love of my maturity. I realized that not being different is bad but not pursuing your dream. I have a dream and it lies in finding the answers which I can get if only I aspire to that dream step by step. I realised that I must live in environment where people share my passion and possess the wish to work on their ideas.

I realized that I must give a chance to my abilities and hope they will be beneficial not only to me. I've never felt as profoundly sure about something as I feel about this urge for devotion to science and pursuit of knowledge and discoveries. This is the place where my dream has led myself today. Thank you for your time spent reading about it.

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This personal statement was written by culinor for application in 2008.


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You should write a book!

You should write a book!
Did you get in?


This is the most ridiculous, ludicrous, unambiguous, rhetorical, confusing, mystical, unbelievable, irrelevant personal statement I have ever seen. You've outdone yourself. Congratulations!

This is a personal statement

This is a personal statement alright, but not for a subject now, is it?

i have spend many nights

i have spend many nights wondering about the same questions, which is why i took philosophy as an AS but i agree you cant come to a resoultion with that and with psychology you can, which is why i am also doing that at degree level. Your a great writer but im not sure this is what they are looking for, for a personal statment

I think this personal

I think this personal statement is good because its very different.
I am currently researching past P.S' and i did not understand how mind-boggling it would be.
After an hour or so of trauling through the same old achievement lists, i stumbled accross yours and it made me pay attention. This i liked. However, i'm not sure whether i was paying attention because it stood out or because i didn't fully understand it.
The wording is very complicated and it would be much easier to read if separated into short paragraphs.
Other than this I would like to say thankyou for inspiring me to be a bit more creative with my own personal statement (= Cheers xx

This is a really unique PS.

This is a really unique PS.
But this has to be my favourite PS that I've read on this site so far.

Which universities did you get offers from?

your kidding right? you

your kidding right? you actually submitted this to a uni?. its All prose and no facts about you and what you stand for. you have 4000 characters get it all across!!

Did you get into your chosen course and where ?

Good Luck

wow! This is amazing. With

wow! This is amazing. With writing skills like urs r u sure u dont wana go for some creative writing?

Although this is an amazing statement and truely makes shows that ur interested in psychology it might me a good idea to put some facts about urself and skills u hav that might help u with ur course

What a bhey!

This is absolutely mint, man! I've never read something so inpiring...

It makes me want to jump outside and just look at the world in a different way. I've never felt so moved by such writing before.

Thank you...thank you for changing my life...


I wouldn't pay any attention to the comment above, i think you've really tried here and although you need some guidance, i think you could go a really long way.

Keep up the good work.

It's actually a good personal

It's actually a good personal statement but should you not be saying the skills and the abilities you have in you personal statement, I've just started mine and I'm not sure what I'm supose to do next Arggg!!!

Very original

to be honest wid ya, i dint

to be honest wid ya, i dint evn read it proply after the first three lines i felt like u wer submitin a piece of english coursework for a PS, ever heard of paragraphs?i just lukd at it and got scared. structure is important aswel dnt forget, and do u wana write about urself as a whol and not just one day?

Good... but risky...

I liked your statement; it does stand out because I’m tired of reading all the other PS which are all the same and full of some pointless stories about what they have achieved and about some totally irrelevant facts…. This one does leave an good impression in the end and makes me think about it… I just personally wouldn’t have the guts to send it, because you never know who they’ll accept it…

I personally like this, it

I personally like this, it 'reads nicely' as they say lol, very fluid, not so much like a boastful list of achievements or a c.v. as some you read. however its difficult to know whether this is what they would be looking for in a personal statement, you do run the risk of sounding pretentious and possibly should have brought it out of the ether and back into the realm of reality by relating it mnore specifically to what you hope to achieve and the sort of person that you are - nobody can spend all their time going over huge philosophical and psychological questions in their mind, a university would surely want to know that they were admitting a well rounded individual rather than someone whose propensity to spend a lot of time with their 'head in the clouds' so to speak, could be an indication that their sanity was not going to be all that long lasting! Apologies if that sounded insulting, wasn't intended to be! Also, the opening chapter, unless read very VERY tongue in cheek does come across as a bit of a famous five story or similar. would be very interested to know whether you got in and to where???

olrite old chap! well i

olrite old chap! well i wouldnt say I find your ps inspiring more like an arrogant pathetic moronic cant even call it a ps more of a very boring biography GONE WRONG


What universities did you apply to/get into?
I like your personal statement, it's just a little too....prose-esque and doesn't really say much about your skills or qualities.

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