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We know so much for certain about the human anatomy, but when it comes to Psychology even the line between the brain and the mind is blurred. Psychology interests me because nothing is ever certain.

Even when it comes to the treatment of individual illnesses, there is no set way of treating a patient, and often it is only a mix of many approaches that can solve an issue entirely.

Discovering a subject so diverse in its perspectives and theories, which can help me to answer the fundamental questions surrounding who we are, is truly exciting to me. This is why I wish to study Psychology at university.

I frequently read The Psychologist, and I enjoy finding out more about modern perceptions of older experiments I studied in my Psychology AS course, for example: the reliability and ethics of Little Albert (February 2012) , to further my understanding of research methods and ethics.

After reading the article: “What doesn’t kill us…” in the November 2012 issue of ‘The Psychologist’, I have decided to do an Extended Project surrounding the theory of Post Traumatic Growth. Psychology is constantly changing; and I am interested in the influence of emerging approaches such as ‘Positive Psychology’ onto important clinical issues such as stress.

I love being exposed to different and challenging perspectives, and I hope university will provide me with this opportunity further.

Studying the cellular processes from microscopic angles in Human Biology has given me greater understanding of neurons and drug therapies, and the instinctive forms that human psychology can take. It involves an independent extended investigation, in which I will develop my research and evaluative skills, providing me with valuable research experience for university.

To enable me to see where an individual fits into the bigger picture, I chose Sociology and fast tracking AS and A2 Sociology in one year is evidence of my determination and commitment within academia. English Literature has provided me with the skills to form cohesive and analytical arguments, and to think critically about a text or argument.

I worked closely with a charity called Reach Inclusive Arts, working with a group of elderly people, with previous psychological problems, who benefit from arts therapy. I assisted with their weekly art group, working on projects such as the TickArt scheme, where the group decorated theatre tickets using various mediums, which were then sold to raise money for the charity.

This showed me the effectiveness a non-conventional therapy can have on an individual. I also volunteer weekly with Uplands special-needs secondary school, working with a group of children with autism and severe learning difficulties, who are setting up and running a charity shop.

Working with the children has given me valuable insight into the everyday effects of psychological syndromes on the functioning of an individual. I have also been volunteering with GirlGuiding UK for over two years, working as a young leader in my local guide group.

This year I am training towards my Adult Leader Qualification, and through this I hope to improve my interpersonal and time management skills.

I currently play drums and vocals in a band. I am also part of a student Theatre Company, and enjoy participating in dramatic performances. I recently founded a book club, comprising of English literature students, and we meet every month.

Through my life, and volunteering experiences, I am driven by the idea that one day I might be able to make a difference and help people. Psychology has made me realise that in order to help someone, I have to first understand them.

I want to be able to explore and investigate different theories and approaches, I want to begin to answer the fundamental questions surrounding the human consciousness, and I want to use this knowledge to help others to mend and develop. This is why I want to study Psychology at university.

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