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Psychology encapsulates every aspect of our lives. From childhood, the reasons behind why we do what we do has fascinated me; and when I was disciplined for the type of mischief that one commits at a young age, my reasoning for my actions were always “To see what would happen.”

My parents mistook this as an act of mindless disobedience whereas it was in fact my first attempt at social psychology. Then, as I further discovered the leading figures in psychology, my knowledge and love of the intricacies of the human and animal mind grew.

Currently the advents in brain scanning technology are providing fascinating insights about the interaction between biology and the environment and equally the area of epigenetics has highlighted the extent to which the upbringing of our ancestors will impact on physiological and psychological developments down the generations. These are areas of knowledge I wish to develop.

My score of 59/60 marks in my first Psychology AS January exam is a perfect example of my commitment to be successful in the subject. My other courses greatly complement my passion as well: English Language is the study of how language is used, changed and acquired.

Therefore, I have looked at Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and read about Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Device. I was even chosen to work with an undergraduate student from Sussex University when researching my English language investigation. I was selected on the basis of my positive attitude, determination, and enquiring approach to learning.

Through studying Business, I have looked at key motivational theorists like Maslow and Herzberg, who are firstly and fore mostly psychologists. Their theories encouraged me to begin to write a Business dissertation for my EPQ on whether financial or non-financial methods of motivation work best, before I decided to alter my research project to “Can money buy happiness?”.

This allowed me to explore the practical applications of Business psychology and read further on psychological theorists such as Rotter and Skinner, and then study the intense psychological and philosophical debate of our cognitive processes into happiness.

Another reason I chose the Extended Project Qualification is because it will provide an excellent opportunity to develop and utilise my research skills, time management skills, and ability to self-motivate; three vital qualities that must be possessed in order to be successful at higher education. The EPQ will also include an oral presentation at the end of my study, which will only strengthen my speaking and communication skills.

My Anthropology AS taught me about the organisation and cultural thought processes of different societies, which highlighted the value of cross-cultural psychology and allowed me to avoid a possible ethnocentric approach.

That is also the reason why I plan to defer my placement as I will take the year first working in Australia, then partaking in an Oyster volunteering scheme in Tanzania in which I will live in the community teaching the children and acting as a care worker in an orphanage.

This would benefit me as it will give me independence, and allow me to experience the different tastes of the world, perhaps even make me a little bit more appreciative of living in such an economically developed country.

I am currently taking my British sign language level 1 and plan to continue on with that until I can communicate with a whole other community living with us in Britain. Between signing, socialising, part time work, and college studies, there is just enough time to fit in my interest in Rock climbing; an intense physical workout which requires technique, endurance, problem-solving, and most importantly determination.

Higher education would not only give me independence and a unique life experience, but it would allow me to explore, discover, and venture into the world of psychology, a desire of mine since those misunderstood, infantile rebellions.

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Having no work experience or anything very "unique" about me (e.g. bilingual, etc.), my personal statement is very college-orientated.


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I was just wondering what grades you achieved/have been predicted?


amazing personal statement ,I was so drawn by it as it sounds mysterious and makes you want to read further. well done!!!

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