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Child psychology and the daily social factors that children endure are things that have captured my interest in numerous ways.

When children play together out on the playground; the hierarchy they create among themselves as well as the types of games they deem acceptable is the way in which they cope with their everchanging worlds.

Although the options of studying psychology and sociology have only recently become available, a keen interest has arisen in both child psychology and counselling.

My interest in understanding both the mind and behavioural patterns of children has been enhanced through studying psychology at A-level.

I constantly aim to further grasp the theories and schools of thought introduced by psychologists during the last century or so, advancing my current knowledge and interest in such a profound field.

As a research enthusiast, I've found the various concepts intriguing and have taken great satisfaction in planning and applying similar psychological research as part of my A2 coursework in investigating the various factors that affect memory.

Child psychology is a strong interest of mine; reinforced by a work experience placement I took in assisting at a local primary school. This allowed me to both observe and interact with the children allowing me to monitor their relationships with one another and how they adapted into accepting me as part of their school community.

Being employed as a child minder has also allowed me to observe children's patterns in behaviour in a more natural environment allowing me to observe how they respond to having an unfamiliar presence in their home and how they change their behaviour towards others.

I'm a keen member of our school's psychology club, in which we explored areas of psychology outside of our A-level curriculum.

We've also had guest speakers from local universities which have allowed us to learn all about the different courses and modules that are studied in university giving us a wider insight.

The arguments and debates which have arisen from my two years of sociological study have managed to open my eyes and view the world around me in a whole new light.

I've always been passionate about the structure of society and the impact one person's actions can have on the rest of our society.

These are issues that are relevant to all of society in everyday life, Sociology in turn affecting me on a personal level.

Since being introduced to Sociology in my A-level course, it has allowed me to explore the structure of society as well as the role of the individual far more in-depth, which is something that I love studying.

I've also partaken in a two-year general RE studies course which has broadened my skills in understandings the various groups that make up our society.

I've a very good understanding of the French language which allows me to interact with a wider variety of people as well as being a keen traveller, having travelled to several different countries including Italy, Canada and Spain which has allowed me to interact with people from other parts of the world helping to improve my social skills.

I'm a keen writer and artist having studied the latter for the last five years as well as being an avid skier for the last eight years in Italy, Canada and France. Having been a regular contributor to various charitable events including Operation Christmas Child and Fairtrade; I have gained valuable social and community skills allowing me to become a reliable member of our local school community.

Last year I was part of our school's anti-bullying group which involved interacting with the younger years and helping them to resolve any problems they had within the school community.

I have also been trusted to acting as a guide to the year 7 pupils in our school, allowing me to assist and offer advice for them when needed.

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This personal statement was written by KomodoB for application in 2009.

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I actually surprised myself by being able to write this. Of course it did help when i leared this was supposed to be a creative writing piece, i just treat it like one of my stories...though that's probably not the best advice for everyone.


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I really enjoyed reading your

I really enjoyed reading your personal statement, thankyou for posting it. Was wondering where you applied and if you managed to get offers? thankyou.

Is there really any relevance

Is there really any relevance in the French bit?


I'd forgotten I'd wrote this, it's been around 5 years since I last wrote this and I'm still impressed by what I came up with. Thanks for all the comments and I hope it's helped some of you come up with ideas for what to write for your own personal statements.

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