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Studying Psychology the past two years has enabled me to not only develop a great understanding of human behaviour but also to appreciate the scientific processes involved.

My main interest in Psychology began when I went to a conference in Manchester. Before I went to the conference lead by Professor David Canter I had a keen interest for Psychology, however not to the extent of studying it at university.

The conference was based on Forensic psychology, he showed numerous examples of criminal footage, this enhanced my interests because it was applying psychological theory to problems which really matter.

Psychology has many different areas, all of which I find interesting and applicable to real life situations, however there are specific areas which I find the most interesting. An example of this is the topic of “stress”; I am particularly interested in the different approaches on the brains response to stressors.

I am currently completing my coursework on “stress”, my main aim is to investigate whether females are more stressed than males during examination periods, most recently I completed a statistical test to measure the strength of my hypothesis, I am thoroughly enjoying this.

I also have an interest to the evolutionary aspects of the A2 course as it is very applicable to real life issues; this in particular enhances my interests for psychology.

I am aware that the mind is very complex, and feel to understand someone fully you must understand how the mind works, for example a criminals mind. This is why I am particularly interested in ultimately studying forensic psychology.

I am currently studying drama and feel it helps me with psychology, for example, understanding a mind, by developing a character through personality. My third subject is business studies, which has helped my mathematical skills. I also studied French at AS which has helped me to understand cultural differences.

At High school I was part of a buddy system, this was a great responsibility, this was rewarding and helpful for developing my communication skills. Throughout school I often received certificates for attendance and good behaviour; other achievements included those in the arts. I'm also a part of the school charity team; this has made me trust worthy and well natured.

On the subject of volunteering, I recently took part in a project for Lancaster university volunteering unit with a group of class mates; when doing this we had to make as much money as possible through enterprising.

I found it very rewarding when we handed over the money to various charities. On the sports front, I am a long serving member of Saint Martin's karate club and have a true passion for the sport. I am registered under the wado ryu association for Great Britain. From karate I am an excellent team member and a very competitive individual which gives me the desire to succeed and be the best that I can be.

From university I would pursue a career in psychology, but I am particularly interested in taking extra training to be a forensic psychologist. As I feel it would full fill all of my curiosity about psychological theories. All of the subjects I have studied have transferable skills which aide me to study psychology.

I truly think I would be an asset to your university and believe I would be highly motivated by the resources I have asses to. With my competitive, hardworking attitude I feel I have the right mind to succeed and become a forensic psychologist.

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I think you should mention

I think you should mention your interest in forensic psychology earlier in the PS. Perhaps in your 3rd paragraph where you talk crap about drama?

Ignore the clown who suggests

Ignore the clown who suggests you are talking 'crap' about drama. The drama link is relevant and indicative of your recognition of the underlying principles that drama uses to incorporate psychology.

oh please shut it both of u

oh please shut it both of u
i feel like beating u all up and spanking the silly clown who calledd the other guy a clown loozie pie!!!

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