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The sheer breadth of psychology appeals to me as there seems to be a range of exciting topics to explore. I find myself engaged with this vibrant subject and enjoy reading about its various branches.

A quote by Alfred Marshall, the famous economist, best explains my choice for this subject. He stated that with psychology there is always the 'pleasure of the chase'.

However, I am most passionate about the biological aspects of psychology. A-level biology has deepened my interest in the anatomy of key organs and how they function. One of my particular fields of interest is cognitive neuroscience.

The intriguing world of cognition when merged with the scientific study of the brain, helps unlock some of the secrets inside the mind. Moreover, memory, decision making and perception, to name but a few, are all fascinating and significant topics.

Being enthusiastic about science, I consider myself well suited for the experimental nature of this degree.

I have attended master classes on 'Psychology and the mad mind'. This covered some of the more shocking aspects of psychology.

For example, Walter Freeman's transorbital lobotomy of the brain, the grim procedure and the controversy that surrounded it. This experience has not dissuaded me but rather has given me an insight into abnormal psychology.

Working part time as a market research interviewer, I have interviewed hundreds of participants from all ages and backgrounds, for organisation such as the NHS.

This experience has enhanced my communication skills significantly. My interview assessment rating in communication was full marks, something rarely awarded.

Under the 'V' programme I have committed to over 80 hours of voluntary work. Furthermore, my total should be over 160 hours by the end of this year. A career in psychology requires competence in working with people.

Through my voluntary work I have developed social skills which should prove useful in my future career as well as university.

Acting as a personal mentor within school, my duties involve supporting particular children with learning difficulties, working with those individuals in class.

'Paired reading' is another scheme I am involved in. A younger student reads a passage to me and whilst listening I provide assistance and encouragement as required.

Outside of school, I pay visits to an elderly care home and give company to the residents there, learning to work in a caring capacity at the same time.

My chosen sport is Football. This is my third year playing competitive football for a local club. As a result, I have learnt to appreciate the importance of teamwork and being a reliable member of the team.

Serving as assistant football coach, for a lower school year, is something I take great pride in. My 'Junior Sports Leader Award' has given me experience in executing sports lessons and has helped me to become a better leader.

Also, I play football socially with friends at a university sports centre. Walking through the campus for the first time, I was immediately inspired by university life.

A challenging yet exciting time is what I see ahead of me. The efforts put into my academic study, part time and voluntary work, as well as sports, has helped me to lead a dynamic life.

I am keen to invest this same level of activity, if not more, throughout university. In conclusion, I am ready to capitalize on the university experience but above all, utilize my zeal for psychology to gain a reputable degree.

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