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When school finishes this year I wish to go on to university to study psychology.

In spite of never having studied it previously I know I have a desire to study it in a lot of depth. I feel my interest first came about when I was 11 years old. I was sitting on a Sunday evening watching the psychologists on Big Brother discuss the contestants' behaviour.

The way they all dissected everybody's actions, thoughts and behaviours was fascinating. I knew then that psychology was what I wanted to study.

When my little sister was born and I was thirteen, my interest for psychology grew. I started to watch her grow and develop carefully. Seeing her only at weekends meant I was able to compare her growth from what she was previously like. As she has become older she has changed dramatically.

At one point I described her as a “little adult.” I analysed her as she started to walk and talk and grow from a baby to a toddler. Things got a lot more interesting when my brother was born a year later. Everything changed and my sister began to behave differently.

She wanted all the attention again and her behaviour reflected this. This has further developed my interest in Psychology and has made me want to study it even more.

The areas of Psychology I am most interested in are Counselling and Educational. I feel Counselling Psychology would be interesting because I like to help other people.

Many friends are always wiling to come to me for help and advice. They know they can always get a friendly ear to listen with me. I understand that this field requires good understanding skills which I do believe I have.

I think it would be fascinating to discover why we learn the way we do within a school environment. I hope to discover this by studying Educational Psychology.

Despite never having studied it previously I do know basics about the subject. I understand what it involves and I do know it is a very scientific subject because it uses many facts, figures and theories. Despite this, I do know I will work very hard at it and I do know I am determined to succeed.

I can definitely see my future involving a career in psychology. I understand it can be a very difficult subject to study but I'm sure my passion for it will help me through, along with my determination to succeed and do well.

At school I have enjoyed studying Drama to a Higher level and currently Advanced Higher. This has given me more confidence and has enabled me to talk to people a lot more openly. This will be helpful because I understand that psychology involves talking to a lot of people a lot of the time.

Drama has also extended my English skills with the many essays that are written. This has developed my use of the English language and has given me a stronger understanding of the language.

While studying Mathematics in every year at school I have become very used to using figures and statistics. I have become confidence using them in my day-to-day life. I have a large understanding of how to use Mathematics during different studies.

I regularly participate in different activities; mainly being horse riding and being a member of the Glasgow Schools' Youth Theatre. During these activities I have been faced with many different challenges.

However, I dealt with this and faced any challenges head-on. This has given me confidence in being able to do things which I originally thought weren't possible.

I wish to go to University because it would be a great honour and a fantastic way to continue my education. University will be another challenge to face in life and it is one I am more than willing to take on. It will be another step in my life and will help to take me further on in life and enable me to go further in the future.

I have also seen my older brother be very successful and happy at University and this has encouraged me even further to also go.

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tis a job well done, I see

tis a job well done, I see how u linked everything to the future,.. Bravo

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