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We are all psychologists; we observe people everywhere that we go. We make decisions constantly influenced by stereotypes and perceptions of people.

I am keen to find out why we do it. Is it an innate ability or is it through interactional learning? From an early age I have always been interested in psychology to try and find answers to questions that some say are unanswerable.

I have a severely autistic brother and throughout my life I have been observing him and how his social and mental norms differ from the rest of us.

I have always been fascinated in the workings of the mind and how it influences us in everyday life. I am an avid reader and I read books borrowed from the library such as Erich Fromm's 'The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness'.

He created a vision of possibility in social psychology which combined a helpful psychological insight into many social theories such as 'What makes men kill?' and the desire to those who wish to control life fully."The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath has also given me an intangible insight into her mind during her teenage years.

It is dynamic, showing the differences between emotions of anger and depression and it is brutally honest. This novel has left me intrigued to find out more and has helped me in my aspirations in my vocation to work with people with uncontrollable emotions.

I also read published research on 'Science Daily' and I am continually becoming more familiar with recent psychological research that further improves my knowledge with interesting facts on human behaviour. I have completed work experience at my local special needs school.

This has allowed me to experience and view various types of mental illness. Working with the children was a rewarding experience.

This gave me a broad knowledge of how the mentality of the children can affect different aspects of their lives and the people around them. I have a much better sense of understanding and this has taught me to approach things in a methodical and objective manner.

As well as my passion for psychology, my other subjects have equipped me with the skills that I will need to read psychology at university.

Biology has developed my analytical skills and certainty in producing and understanding complex graphs as well as giving me a strong baseline of research methods and my familiarity of these will significantly help me with my studies.

Geography has taught me how to write descriptive essays and has provided me with international awareness with my most recent trip being to Iceland. This has given me an outlook that social norms in one country are significantly different to another country. This is what makes us a dynamic and multicultural species.

At school I am a member of the "eco garden team." This has enhanced my responsibility and improved my ability with keeping to the time limits.

Furthermore, my participation in this project has helped the school become more eco friendly.

Outside of school, I have played the saxophone for six years now and I am now a keen musician and have a passion for Jazz.

I have also been attending the Girl Guides on a regular basis. Recently, I have been presented with the "Young Leader Badge" and I am determined to undergo special training and become an adult leader.

Having been with the Guides for so long, I am now in charge of a large group and this has developed my communication and team building skills as well as increased my confidence. This allows me to interact with different people on a regular basis which further builds on my social skills.

I am a lively and dedicated person. I work to the best of my ability and if I do not understand something I will endeavour to research into it.

Also, my extended project has allowed me to use my initiative and has enhanced my logic and enthusiasm in everything that I do.

I also speak Polish fluently. This combination of valuable skills has pointed me in the right direction to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology which is my ultimate goal.

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This personal statement was written by Akubie for application in 2012.

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I've written this personal statement for my UCAS application and have got all my offers back :)


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