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I would like to apply for a postgraduate conversion course in Psychology at the Glasgow Caledonian University.

First of all, I have a great interest in the subject and would like to study it academically. This will allow me to explore a completely different field of expertise, as I will be able to further my career by pursuing postgraduate studies or participating in research projects in the future.

Secondly, as a volunteer with the Zeitgeist Movement, a non-political global organisation that advocates a sustainable development of our civilization through education, I believe that learning becomes an imperative.

While studying at the University I gained some basic knowledge in Psychology, having studied about 200 hours in lectures and coursework.

Behavioural mechanisms were the main area of research. Nature or nurture? This rather simplifying notion about the influences of one or the other has been debated over the years. Since the moment Sigmund Freud had discovered that behaviour is driven by inner forces that must be suppressed, the study focus was changed dramatically. The outstanding work by Wilhelm Reich gave another perspective in science of psychology. He showed that our behaviour is not influenced by mere physical, emotional and psychological factors. It depends and reflects upon surrounding environment that combines economical, political and social elements.

Then after Personality Psychology we were introduced to the basics of Social Psychology that fascinated me. Nowadays it draws my attention due to current social events occurring on a global scale, such as revolutionary uprising in Arab countries or Occupy Wall Street and Stop the G20 events, etc.

How does our mind work and what influences our personal and mass behaviour? To answer that in the light of today's social awareness protests is to understand that all our actions get triggered by internal and external forces. Some studies have shown that our individuality is determined solely by genes (famous Twin Study). Others insist on purely cultural and societal influences treating people as “social organisms”. After familiarising myself with Fear of Freedom by E. Fromm, I'm inclined to think that we are a combination of the above. Historically, we are conditioned by our cultural environment, but constantly add new features to our dynamic character. We strive for freedom, we are capable of compassion and co-operation – qualities that make us humans. Coupled with the ability to “know oneself”, it should bring a total transformation of conscience into all areas of society for a better, sustainable world.
I feel that this course would provide me with a fundamental grasp to collaborate on the matter from psychological point of view.

As a part of ongoing self-education, I watch documentaries and read various books to expand my knowledge of the subject. For example, “Century of the self” by BBC inspired me to read on Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays and Wilhelm Reich. I also enjoyed the works of James Gilligan, J. Krishnamurti, Erich Fromm and Gustave le Bon.

In conclusion, I believe that this programme would be the first step towards accredited postgraduate study in Social Psychology.


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This personal statement was written by Ebanashka for application in 2012.


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