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As I sit here at my desk, trying to figure out how to write a brilliant essay to be better recognized throughout this application process, I have come to realise that this is what life is about.

We are all given a blank sheet in the beginning. What we choose to put on this blank sheet determines our outcome. The life experiences that have “filled my pages” have shaped me into who I am today. My endurance of difficult times and my willingness to persevere in the face of obstacles makes me unique.

I come from a single parent home. My parents have been divorced since I was two years old. My father stepped in when he had to throughout my childhood, but it was my mother who raised me.

I remember numerous days living in one room, wondering “How long life will be like this?” and “Why does everyone else have a completed family and living in one area?”. All while my mother and I moved to numerous locations in an attempt to survive in the face of divorce.

During this time, I attended an elementary school where I was placed in a special education program. Teachers and rest of the staff told my mother that I had a learning disability and my knowledge capacity was limited. She never believed them. My mother believed that I was capable of doing anything. She never gave up on me. She believed in me.

As soon as I was given an opportunity in the main stream I never looked back. I set out to prove those who doubted me wrong with every chance I was given. And now, I am able to say that I will be a college graduate in six months. It is both a personal triumph as well as for my family.

When I first entered the university setting after community college I had a rough time at first. It was my first time being away from home.

Additionally, there were many family issues occurring at the time. As such, my marks did not reflect my full potential. But as my transcript shows, my grades steadily improved every semester and will continue to do so on a graduate level if allowed to continue.

I have a diverse ethnic background. This enables an understanding my part regarding the social issues that are so pertinent today. I am part El Salvadorian and part Irish.

The community that I am from on Long Island, New York, was extremely diverse and full of people from different social classes. Having many diverse groups in one community paves the way for discrimination, which I unfortunately experienced in my childhood. However, because of my background, I have a much needed perspective.

I have a deep understanding of discrimination as well as an interest in learning more about racism and how it has developed. I am hoping to work with families of different ethnic backgrounds because I feel my past experiences and my college education have helped me to understand the challenges that minorities face, and a great understanding of how a culture affects a way of life along with family values.

I am also extremely family oriented. I utilised these skills during the difficult times of my own childhood when they were desperately needed. Divorce is a family issue. I want to extend help to families in similar situations.

I believe I am right for the Counseling/Psychology field. I believe that my life experiences have given me the compassion needed. I am passionate to help people. I know I can make a difference if given the chance.

Syracuse University is clearly the place to start. The “Family and Marriage Therapy Program” at Syracuse University will help me to pursue my dream.

I know this is a great institution full of great faculty that will provide me the tools I need to pursue such a career. As this Marriage Family and Marriage Therapy Program” is recognised as a culturally sensitive therapy, there is a great connection between what is offered and what I would like to accomplish with my education and career.

My overall goal is to pursue a PhD after completing the Master Program. I hope to one day open my own psychology practice.

I know if given the chance I can achieve much and help many.

All I need is for someone to believe. I won't let you down.

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This personal statement was written by esjojo23 for application in 2008.

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just looking for some feedback.


This personal statement is unrated



Very personal. i thought it was quite good though, i believed all u said was genuine. Did You get in?

Great job.... but also

Great job.... but also wondering did you get in?

Heartfelt statement

I think you did a great job. Your were honest, as everyone should be but yet it did not come off as if you were laying it on thick.
So did they at least contact you for an interview?

a little self pitying and (i

a little self pitying and (i know it's a personal statement) but this i felt this was too personal. but at least it's original!
i hope you are doing the course you wanted and are enjoying Uni life

Good one

I'd take you in if i'm the admission tutor. Your PS is genuine and it shows you have deep interest in the course.


After reading your personal statement i feel more inspired.
Your statement was very inspirational and has helped me get through tryin to write my own for couselling.
I hope u reach where u would like 2b when in the future because u deserve it.

God Bless U XX

I thought that the opening

I thought that the opening was pretty good although it sounded like it belonged more in a philosophy statement. Maybe you should study philosophy instead.


I think this is a real great article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

Nice :)

This is really good, but I was wondering....did you get accepted?

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