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As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the mental health system.

The allure of watching old movies depicting mental asylums as a mysterious and disturbing sanctuary of unwanted human beings left me wanting to know more.

And from this my intrigue into the world of psychology and of the human mind began. I found myself constantly questioning human behaviour, what makes us who we are and the decisions that we make.

I have been able to further explore my personal curiosity of mental disorders, its causes and treatments in studying clinical psychology in my second year of A-levels. Yet I have come to realise that it's not just a personal appeal to the subject, but rather I intend to turn my interest in psychology into a career.

There is however, another key element in what has driven me towards the pursuit of a psychology degree. That is, my enthusiasm in world affairs, politics and culture.

Psychology can be used to explain social interaction of individuals and that between nations and governments, both past and present.

Today I see that psychology can be used in a much wider area of human development, and from this I found an appeal to social psychology.

A particularly interesting topic of discussion to me was that of the Holocaust. Studying this in my A-level history lessons I found myself questioning how it was ever possible for such monstrosities to occur. Did they have no moral consciousness?

For my history coursework I studied several books on the subject, one however caught my attention, 'Understanding of Genocide; The Social Psychology of the Holocaust' by Leonard S. Newman and Ralph Erber. And so if it weren't for the science of Psychology, this and so many other questions about human behavior would go unanswered.

Keen to further my experience in the working environment of psychology, I have applied to undertake a work experience course at a local psychiatric hospital, St George's of Staffordshire.

Enthusiastic about this fantastic opportunity, it will enable me to experience the environment of the clinical mental health system first hand, exploring its research and its treatment facilities.

Along with knowledge of psychology, I have attained many useful skills throughout my other A-level courses to aid me in further education.

Some of the most valuable are those obtained from history lessons which required thorough research and data analysis skills and the need to interpret many historian's views and perceptions on events.

Studying English language has given me invaluable analytical and language skills, whereas studying French at AS taught me the necessity of hard work, determination and patience required to focus on understanding and learning a language.

As well as my academic skills, having a part time job since the age of 14yrs, working in the consumer industry, has taught me important life skills of the real working world.

Nevertheless, I feel that some of the most significant influences in my life have come from my travels aboard.

My main passion in life is to travel, and fortunately I have been lucky enough to have opportunity to visit many wonderful places, including the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Peru and the magnificent city of Machu Picchu, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and many more outstanding wonders.

From having these experiences my perspective on this world has become even more cemented in achieving my dreams.

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This personal statement was written by princess_abi89 for application in 2009.

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quite gd, sentence structure

quite gd, sentence structure could be improved though

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