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Discovering the mind in its complex form and the different ways people behave are what intrigues me about the study of psychology.

The fact that psychology never has a straight answer and continuously opens new doors to fresh and existing research draws my attention to this ever changing science.

Studying this subject at A level has confirmed my deep commitment to psychology, and encouraged me to pursue this subject further.

The diversity from developmental to cognitive to social psychology has broadened my knowledge of many different and fascinating fields that occur in this subject.

I have always been interested in developmental factors that affect children; the work of Jerome Kagan where he visited a small native Guatemalan village to look at developmental factors in children is one of the reasons why I want psychology to be the foundation in pursuing a career as a psychologist in the future.

The study of philosophy expands across so many areas that some of the knowledge and transferable skills I have learnt can be easily included into the study psychology, especially in moral philosophy.

This seems to be very important in covering ethical issues in all areas of psychology.

Studying philosophy has also allowed me to generate ideas by teaching me how to think about arguments and situations, coming up with solutions to problems has also allowed me to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I think these are very important attributes to have to follow a career in psychology.

Sociology has helped me observe the bigger picture; through both of these subjects I have developed my analytical and evaluative skills, as well as problem solving skills. I believe all the qualities I have gained through my courses are essential in order to strengthen my capability at university.

Studying these subjects has allowed me to understand the importance of prioritising work and meeting deadlines; the ability to identify, absorb and filter complex information; the importance of good teamwork and good presentation skills. This is why I think that I am a good candidate for your university.

During my two weeks of work experience at Oaklodge Special School, I was placed with a group of students with complex needs.

This experience provided a vivid insight into developmental and behavioural difficulties in young people while bringing to reality the theories previously studied in class.

Taking the leadership role in various events at school such as open days, chaperoning younger students at school events and leading a year 7 sports day has strengthened my ability to lead comfortably.
Working as a buddy has given me the chance to offer vulnerable younger students full support in issues troubling them.

Through this I have become more patient and it has given me the opportunities to motivate myself as well as others.

As I have a keen interest in dance, the competitions and performances I have contributed in has enhanced my creativity and ability to work in a team.

Performing at the Jack Petchy awards as well as being part of an ensemble that performed at the National Youth Dance Festival has encouraged me continue dancing when I get to university.

As I am very interested in sports, being a Young Ambassador for Barnet West School Sports Partnership gave me the opportunity to teach younger students about the importance of healthy living using the 2012 Olympics as inspiration.

As a mentor in the Arsenal Double Club scheme, I assisted primary school students with literacy and maths.

Through both of these schemes I derived a great sense of achievement knowing that I was using interesting and fun filled activities to get an important message across.

I hope through studying this course the knowledge and experience I gain will create a basis for further study in the promising field of counselling Psychology.

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This personal statement was written by 02piaja for application in 2008.

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This is my personal statement I think its good let me know what you think of it thanks xoxo


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i really liked thanx now i

i really liked thanx now i can start on my own


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