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Perhaps what makes me different from other University applicants is that I have ambition to understand multidimensional human life. It is not the appeal of a top qualification or the zesty student lifestyle that attracts me to this course; but it is the long-term knowledge and answers to interdisciplinary human problems, and the enigmas that I will commit a lifetime investigating with perhaps no solution, that inspires me to apply.

The split and intertwining between biology and socialisation, which can be played with empirically and theoretically, means there will always be a challenging array of issues for me to be captivated with.

Fundamental societal issues were thrust on me at a young age, which may have assisted my interest in human behaviour.

I was born a member of the 'Plymouth Bretheren'; and when I left this cult I was dislocated from my family, my friends and my way of life. It is one reason why my mind is constantly perplexed with the different standards in human behaviour.

It makes me boggle over the intermingling factors that create the different walks of life and systematically bring us together, in religion, tradition and habits. In considering how our instinctive behaviour and our inability to act on our best judgements, reading 'Mean Genes' has offered me a light discussion.

The authors that I warm to most, such as Franz Kafka, are those that express a personal identity, which allows us to put faces and humanity to the past. Kafka's expression and innovation, such as in Metamorphosis, is timeless, as his outlook could easily be spotted in today's society.

Even when reading 'Origin of Species' it was highly personalised and possibly unique. He, as an anti-slavery advocate and scientist, envisioned nature's transformation in what would seem alien for most who separated 'godlike' humans from a bestial nature.

The prejudices and segregation between cultures and how tradition manifests has also excited me and so I've enjoyed reading Rivers, who suggests medicine has evolved out of magical and religious beliefs, in his quirky accounts.

Fond interests of mine are films, painting, and visiting and being part of exhibitions. For me, art makes me feel incredibly human. It goes beyond my biology and is an expression of identity. This is how I take pleasure in others' work; it is like another understanding of their mind.

For instance, the precise brushwork against the crooked imagery in many of Dali's paintings suggests to me a sense of control over his disturbance and genius. Antiques also interest me; because when viewing artefacts from the past I can see how style and character has developed.

I spend time researching antiques and assisting my father with furnishings and design. I have volunteered at a charity shop and a retreat cafe where I was able to converse with a variety of people which taught me much about the goodness and diversity in individuals.

I am also undergoing further training this year to become a Samaritan so I can help people's mental health and also expand in my understanding and patience.

On this gap year, I am living in Paris, to immerse myself in a new culture, and to teach myself a new language. I have already had the pleasure of indulging in the cultures of Africa, Spain and Colorado, among others. I anticipate on spending my Anglophone time to focus on the visual customs and behaviours of the Parisians.

Currently, I am waiting on permission to volunteer at a psychiatric home where I plan to concentrate on the behaviour of the mentally ill. This will hopefully expand my view of social identity.

What University offers me is an opportunity to be challenged and educated in an environment hospitable to the open-minded. I feel what I bring to this particular course is a creative mind that enables me to be an independent thinker, life experience that impassions me to learn and understand more, and an innate logic to reason the dynamics of human behaviour, both mathematically and ideologically.

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I've also applied to anthropology and archaeology and psychology so I couldn't be specific


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When I read this personal

When I read this personal statement I thought: it´s really well written and sure they´re going to love it in top universities, but, what have you done? where´s the real evidence? I mean, not just the i´m going to, I think I am....

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