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Who will be there to help you, when your life is turned upside down and you don't know how to carry on, what to do, or whether you can pick yourself up and start again?

Some of us, if we're lucky, have family and friends to hold our hands and guide us through the darkest, most difficult days of our lives. Others are lucky enough to have one or more health professionals, who are not just good at their jobs, but have passion and compassion; who care about their patients, and whose patient's care is of the utmost importance to them.

As a mother, daughter, wife, divorcee, partner and friend I am fortunate enough to have had support when I needed it and more importantly to have been able to give support to others who have needed it.

It's something which has always given me great pleasure - to be there for someone who needs me; to help, listen, advise, suggest ways of solving problems and positive action; encourage, nurture, teach and even to engage in activities with people at certain times in their lives to help motivate them.

Now that I have a second chance in life to study; to choose a vocation which I am passionate about - something rewarding, challenging, inspiring, enjoyable and most of all where I would be able to do good, help people empower themselves, change their lives - I know after months of research and talking to people that OT ticks every box.

When I was 17, I did work experience in a Foyer D'Handicapee in Epinal, France, with severely disabled teenagers and young adults. I found it immensely rewarding and enjoyable, although I later concentrated my studies on music.

Being a parent has meant that certain aspects of me have grown and developed; both in terms of bringing up my children and supporting other parents. In some ways this fuelled my interest in how the mind works, its development, and contributed to a bookshelf on the subject.

It has greatly increased my patience, intuition and creativity, and I believe I have always had very good communication, people and organisational skills, as well as a (highly necessary!) great sense of humour and positive approach to life.

I am a sympathetic listener, open-minded and tolerant of others lifestyles and I think that along with my problem-solving skills, and desire to help people, the range of activities which I am skilled at and enjoy would greatly aid me in helping people to rehabilitate themselves.

I enjoy listening to and playing music, creative writing, poetry, theatre and the arts - as well as being artistic myself (2 small children are a great licence to indulge all forms of art and craft!). I

am a great cook; enjoy DIY; keen on growing all things edible; I am IT literate and due to work and life adept at organising bills/expenses and general paperwork. I also love the outdoors and active pursuits, such as mountain-biking, paint-balling, riding the odd elephant and more - with a high degree of enthusiasm!

I've always been very sociable and made friends with people of all ages and walks of life; mainly due to my sense of humour, general affability and interest in others.

Of late it has given me pleasure to help my own friends by teaching one to drive, supporting friends with children by organising outings with them, and helping a friend who was very unhappy with her weight by motivating her to go biking/walking/to the gym with me and suggesting easy diet changes.

I have friends within this sector and talking to them has only strengthened my belief that this is something I very much want to do, and would be very good at - plus they seem to think I would make a great OT too!

I am a very determined person and extremely committed to doing this course. I believe that my past qualifications prove my academic capabilities and my life experience and disposition would make me an ideal candidate from a personal point of view. Unbeknownst to me, I have been a 'skilled helper' for most of my life, which I only found out recently through personal research and reading.

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This personal statement was written by andrealphus for application in 2007.

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This was my personal statement to apply mid-August through clearing for an undergraduate degree as a mature student with 2 children. Hope it is of use to someone, as I found it very useful to read other peoples before having a go myself. I was offered a place at both the universities I rang on clearing day (Northampton and Derby)- possibly the few phonecalls I made to the heads of admissions (showing my commitment??!) prior to clearing day helped my cause! Good luck to everyone applying.


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Well done!

I think this is a great start you have include ypur relevant skills,work experiences etc and these are especially what Universities look for...especially where you have mentioned the skills you have to offer to the career field. Well done...good luck!

Well done!

I think this is a great start you have include your relevant skills,work experiences etc and these are especially what Universities look for...especially where you have mentioned the skills you have to offer to the career field. Well done...good luck!


This really helped with my personal statement but i'm just scared in case the parts i have used from yours is seen as plagiarism?

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your statement with others! It has really helped me to see a real example and I feel I am more ready to write my own!

this is brilliant

you definately sound like the character to fit the job!

I really agree with your

I really agree with your statement. I also wrote an article about how friends can help you through tough times.
Have a look at my article on my blog

u have still got alot of work

u have still got alot of work to do here havnt you!


I found your personal statment very familiar. I knew exactly where you were coming from having experience many of the same senarios. I am also not your typical student. I found your eassay touching and beyond helpful. thank you for creating something that got my creative juices flowing, I was really struggeling! again thanks!! and good luck =)

Found this the best and most

Found this the best and most interesting example so far.It really helped me layout my personal statement :) Not at all surprised you got into northampton and derby! Well done!

your statement is really good

your statement is really good. dont listen to those haters who dont have a clue about education or what they are talking about.

Thank you!

I am currently at school, applying to do occupational therapy for 2012. I found this very helpful as I did not have a clue how to write mine at all! Thank you for posting this. Also, don't listen to the haters, they obviously don't have a clue!!:)


Personally, i think this is an amazing personal statement im just about to write mine and this has inspired me. I wish you all the success in the future!

pretty amazing writing - you

pretty amazing writing - you've scared me now. Do they allow people with less amazing statements too?! ;)

great personal statement,well

great personal statement,well done

Thank you

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your personal statement, it is very helpful to someone trying to write one hopefully as good as yours!

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